Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy after Turkey day........

Hey lovelies......I hope you had Happy Thanksgiving and that you got to eat all the goodies that you wanted.

Ours was very nice and quiet....well as quiet as it gets with two school age enthusiasts. We woke up to a dusting of snow which always sets a holiday mood. Went out scooped up some snow, got our PJ's damp and came back inside.

We had a leisurely prep for the meal. Papa and the kiddos watched the parade and oooohhhhed and aaaahhhhhed and colored and drew their fave after the parade. Watched Toy Story 3 and then we ate and relaxed. Shelley and I are like a well oiled machine...not counting the mulled wine and the Blue Moon beer. We managed to make it all the way through the entire day without so much as a spit or spat. I'm so proud of us. It has taken a lot of careul consideration to reach this wonderous spot in the road where we can play together nicely in the kitchen and elsewhere. It is never easy when two woman (who have independently run a household) come together in a house to live. "We dun gooooooder."

We are going to put up the trees today. Kinda was a slacker but the kids had stuff they wanted to do and Papa was off of work and well, we just aren't gonna push it. The three musketeers went off to the park and I had a few hours of peace and got some crafting done. And yesterday, Papa and Shelley had to work, so it was me and the beasties. They cleaned their room, helped with some minor chores and then played and watched Diary of a Wimpy kid, while I finished my cards, gift exchange gifts and wrapped and packaged the overseas stuff.

But last night we had some real fun.

We went back down south to the little town of Belen and went to freeze our como se llamas butts behinds off to see a small town Twinkle light Parade. People it was cold. Brrrrrrrrr but fun. Park right on the parade route (main drag), stay in the car in the parking lot of Walgreens eating chips and drinking Dr. Pepper, until you hear the sirens all of 2 blocks away where the parade starts, pull out the folding chairs, blankets and hit the sidewalk. Parade lasted 45 minutes max at an average speed of 5 miles per hour. Too cute. Everyone yelling hello to each other, asking "how ya been?". We tried to blend in. My knees told me about 30 minutes into the freeze that I had to get into the car and get warm, but heck, I could still see the parade anyway. I just missed out on the commentary by our roving reporter GK.

And yes, that was a picture of me. I usually post a picture at Halloween so that I don't scare anyone but what the heck, I can bend the rules.


  1. What a wonderful holiday weekend. We had a great day, My eldest daughter hosted dinner as my house is torn up and she did a fantastic job. 30 for dinner then the youngest set performed karaoke for us and my grandson acted as strolling minstrel with his guitar. A very relaxing day indeed and lots of good food.

  2. Ah, my friend, looks like you had a wonderful time....and I finally see a picture of you. Heck, that is a great picture of you.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday time! It's nice to have a smooth, relaxing holiday. Ours was much the same...calm and quiet with Christmas decorating as well!

  4. Hay, that sounds like great fun and it was nice to see you appear looking so happy. Sounds like you had a definitely kid friendly time.
    Sadly, I gained 2 pounds thanks to the holiday and with a little luck, they will be gone before the first Christmas party. Why does just 2 pounds feel like 10?

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend. We've got snow here too, lots and lots of it!

  6. !!Estas loca, mujer!! But then that's one of the reason I love you so mush!! Well, now I know how you look...good to have a face behind the voice and what a voice!!! LOL

    Sounds like you had muches of fun with the kiddos...sigh, I miss my babies so much...talked to them Thanksgiving night...that Sean, we need to get him and GK together...they would make a funny pair and of course, just being days apart!!

    My week has been men around! I plan on setting up the Diaz/Autrey Christmas house next week...son will be here for the weekend and he can help move all those boxes away from the closet that has all the Christmas stuff....will be the first Christmas Casa in 2 years, Pop passed away 6 days before Christmas in '08 & went to Austin for Christmas last year...remember that story??? oey vey!! Also, bought a new tree...4'.5...just going to go small more babies around for the big can hide all my stuff on top of the sofa table underneath as the tree dances upon the table top, instead of schlepping it and it's table contents to another room...have a nice sheet to cover it all...I know, I'm such a Mexican..what can I say!!

    Got to run...have Red Box movies to turn in and get 2 free ones...don't get me started on that story, but just you know, it's good to complain at 10 p.m. MST to someone on the other side of a toll-free #!!! hehehehehe!!

    Loves ya and the cabritos are hiding right now...'fraid they're going to be Christmas dinner...Heere, leetle goats!!


  7. Much funner with the kiddos there. We had a great time at my daughter's. She did an awesome job.

  8. Sounds like it was a great time. I think everyone starts putting up decorations right after Thx. Yep, you gotta watch those knees, mine are killing me right now with the cold. I am going to rub some bio freeze on them in just a few. Have a great week Linda and your photo is great. Take care.

  9. Okay, now I am seriously rethinking ABQ as a "retirement" spot. That looks WAY too cold for me! But what fun--small town parades are the best! Sounds like you had the perfect weekend. Hugs to the family.

    word vert: arell. Waiting for the Christmas arell music on your blog.

  10. Well, it looks like you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday.
    You all look VERY cold ~ I didn't imagine it being cold in NM. Surprise, surprise. Everyone looks so cute with all that fur lining their faces. These pictures could be ads for "winter wear". (:
    Linda, I am so happy you posted a picture of you. You are as beautiful as your heart. Now I feel like I am really sending notes to a friend I know.
    And now, the Christmas madness begins. I sure hope people will try to calm down and remember what the Christmas Season is all about and maybe put a little more focus on that. We can only hope. (:
    Eager to see your trees up and throughout your home. Wishing you a wonderful December, my friend.
    ♥ audrey

  11. Looks and sounds like you guys got into quite a bit of fun over the turkey day weekend! If you hadn't said that was you hiding behind the great furry hat, I may have missed you! :P

    What's with you and hiding behind furry beasts anyway? First that cozy looking hat and second the big old bernard beastie. We need to work on your photo postings here, Oma. ;)

    P.S. I need to START my xmas cards. I have a tiny batch of really pretty ones I bought on clearance last year, but it's not nearly enough to send to everyone on my list. Yikes.

  12. Linda, you look excactly the way i imagined!
    Your so pretty :-) You all are very pretty!
    What a wonderful family!
    Wish my vocabulaire in English was a bit bigger... All the feelings and stuff i want to tell you i don't really know in English :-(
    But a few words mean as much as a whole story huh? ;-)


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