Monday, November 1, 2010

I was pleasantly surprised.........

Remember I told you that I didn't expect great herds and flocks of trick or treaters? Well we had a covey anyway. We had put together 37 bags of goodies to give away. I laughed and asked what we were going to do with the left overs and SM and Shelley said they thought we would do at least that well if not more. Nah, says I, we'll probably have at least 15 left......well, this is what's left....yay.

Only one little bag........

The whole night seemed off though. Flat, not fun. Maybe it was the fact that time wasn't changed (DST, that is), maybe because it was a Sunday night, maybe because it was so dark, maybe because it was creepy feeling and not in a good way. The feeling still hasn't left me either. I explained it to SM by saying I felt like the world was tilting to one side and I was sliding off.

Now Shelley has it....whatever it is. oh heck, it's hard to explain. It's like your skin is crawling...

Here's the grands as a dead cheerleader, pirate's mate (see even he changed his mind) and the gangsta BFF (Jade). And da Mommy as the beauty she is.

Without knowing how I was feeling....they came home early. I don't know, I'm just saying........


  1. You know, it was an odd feeling night here too and not just because we only had 8 trick or treaters, only 2 of which were actually dressed up. It felt sort of heavy and still to me and I didn't get the usual rush of excitement that I normally do. Very odd indeed.

  2. Actually I had no one come to my door. My neighborhood is primarily Jewish and they don't celebrate Halloween. They do have something during the warmer months where the children get dressed and go house to house, but I forget what it is called.

  3. love the dead cheerleader... what a creative little mind.... alas I never have any trick or treaters..I miss handing out candy to the little ones

  4. A couple of my friends and I have been discussing the feeling, like something wicked this way comes!

  5. Oh the costumes are to "die" for - how fabulous. I honestly don't know which I like best - they are so great.
    And da Mommy needs to get herself a modeling contract right quick. Stunning!

    We actually had more tricker treaters last night then all the years combined [3 years] 15!!!! We were so excited. [Believe me that is a lot. We have a bunch of kids in our neighborhood but since we live at the end of the street they don't want to come all the way down. Lazy buggers. hee

    Tell the kidlets I send my love and they look great! And I really want a dead cheerleader or gangsta costume next year. How awful!

  6. Gail and Danni: Thanks for letting me know it's with ya'll too. I agree it could be something wicked this way comes.......ick.
    Skippy, the kids and I will always take extra lovings...and compliments.
    Janie and Mary, I'm sorry no kiddos to treat. As I stated, I was shocked we had so many.

  7. What a beautiful photo!!! Your daughter is very pretty and the little ones look soooo cute!!
    When I lived in Ohio we always had 150+ Halloweeners every year. I had so much fun dressing up and giving out the treats. Alas, since we moved to Virginia, we have ZIP Halloweeners. We live on the side of a mountain and on a cul-de-sac, so I guess that explains it. ):
    I hope your creepy feeling went away. That scares me.
    ♥ audrey

  8. I am with you! Not only have I been "off" for the past 3-5 days, but so have the four-legged members of our household -- especially the dogs. I wonder what the deal is and hope for this feeling to lift VERY soon!


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