Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So ya thought I was the gifty type, did ya?

You lovelies are so cute and kind and funny. Thank you for all of your Happy Anniversary wishes. I love your comments, especially the "buy it and let him know what he bought you, ones". I may have been dealing with 30 days of truth on my other blog but I was being the clown on this one as usual.

for better or worse
I wasn't really upset about the arrangement of non gifting from Sweet Man, after all this is almost 4 decades of being with this man. And in turn, he has put up with me and my warped sense of humor, life and insanity for a very, very long time as well. I have let him get away with this non gifting behavior for a lot of reasons. And many of you stated the main one......the not right gift. Whether it's the wrong size, wrong fragrance, wrong century, it is hard to say "oh I just adore this"....and then not know what in the for crying out loud he was thinking when he bought it.

Besides, I am a let's not set Linda up for disappointment venue kinda girl. That comes from lowered expectations from within. I have, after seeking the why of this bizarre setting in my personality, come to the spot in the road where I realize that I just didn't want to be hurt. Not even little hurts. This is one of those self protecting responses I use. It is something I am working on....notice the word working......not done yet.

So there's the explanation for the griping about my "agreement" with Joe in I hope, a humorous way. I read my posts to him first most of the time, when it pertains to him, and if he laughs I figure I'm living in okay land. That's what he has gifted me with for all these years, laughter. We have shared many a giggle and guffaw. We took each other for better or worse. Some times it has felt like one or the other, some times like both at the same time but the laughs have always gotten us through.

He has friends who think he has the best wife in the world cuz he doesn't ever get in deep do do for not getting gifts, where as they have to walk the line of shame for forgetting. But many of our friends have most everything they want and certainly what they need, so gifting is a mute subject for most of us. Besides, it isn't about the gifts's about the trees........right?


  1. Hey Lady, sorry I missed the anniversary blog...haven't had time to do the Dashboard thing so catching up today. I never remember my own anniversary. I'm with you about the gifting. My huney and I don't gift either, that's because we normally forget our anniversary...must be that we're still fairly new at being together...9 years???? I forgot again this year and when I awoke on Oct. 6 of this year, I noticed an envelop with my name on it. My first dazed reaction was, WTF?? Then it hit me and I realized I had done it again...he remembered this year and again, it had sieved right through my brain!! Am I hopeless?? Yeppers!! LOL

    So Happy Anniversary to the both of be the best!!

    Loves ya and the goats send their congrats!


  2. Love this! I am working on lowering my expectations, actually. And my husband has gifted me with laughter for 4 years of marriage.... I hope one day to be able to say it has lasted almost 4 DECADES! Congrats and Happy anniversary!

  3. I learned you pick your battles and this kind is one I couldn't see. Never put an emphasis on material things. If I wanted something I bought it. My best anniversary gifts were the dinners out with candlelight and him telling me what a wonderful wife I was and how happy I made him. I miss him and still celebrate what would have been our anniversary each year. How could I not. Many happy more anniversaries to you and hubby. Cherish them.

  4. so true so true dear linda.. and something I needed to hear seeing that it is my birthday this friday.... You always have a way of gently tapping me on the shoulder and telling me what I need to hear.. even when you dont realize it

  5. If you are happy with the gift-not-giving situation, then fine. But if you are not happy with it, things need to change. That's just how I feel about it. In relationships, you meet each other's needs, and if giving and receiving gifts (regardless what kind) is one of them, then somebody needs to step up their game to make it happen. How hard can it be? That's what you do for love. Er, one of 'em.

    Happy anniversary!

  6. You're absolutely, positively right. Happy Anniversary! The Hard Rock is just "down the street" from us. :)

  7. Laughter is a gift I would take anyday over sexy lingerie, too small, that I'm not sure I would be comfortable in even in the dark. He is a keeper, enjoy.

  8. happy anniversary! see my comment on your previous post.


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