Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sometimes I think I am only auditing this course..............Life 101

Jump on board the naivete express ya'll.

One would think after being on this here planet for more than 6 decades I would get the lay of the land so to speak. With as many white hairs as I have on my head and bumps on my ego, one would also think I could navigate life with some semblance of informed grace but no.

I'm a goose and it's a brand new day when it comes to how people treat people. I am not talking about war, politics, social injustice or religion. What I am talking about is just common everyday things. My Mother had a saying that would yank me up short every time it cleared her lips. "Don't be ugly Linda Sybil". Don't talk, act or do anything that could possibly be misconstrued by another living soul. Let's face it, that didn't work with me cuz I do on occasion (and you are all grinning) let one rip to a rude soul. Here's a good time for me to tell you they do have a T-shirt for that at Junk Gypsy's, it says Momma Tried. You gotta go check out their duds and do's too cute to miss. 

Back on subject. Two "can't miss" reads every morning on the blogosphere in the past week have had copyright infringement issues. Thou shall not be a jerk or show any good sense, didn't even occur to the one female (who by the way has one of everything and takes you on a tour of if all) who stole a recipe, word for word, and put it on her blog the very next day after it was posted by a world class foody. My Mother would say Shame on you.
The other bloggy friend had a picture used by a magazine and not credited or paid for. This little lady and her band of loyals hounded the editor and he did the right thing. Paid and apologized.

And last night I stayed up late to do some emailing and checked out my following and followers lists. I hadn't heard from or about some bloggies and needed to catch up. Some of them are just gone with the wind. Where are you my lovelies? Did you get hurt and leave? Are we on a break from our relationship? Are ya tired of keeping up? Did you just give up and quit trying? Did you get pissed and storm away? Will you be back? Or did something even more dark happen and I will never hear from or about you and yours again?

Some of the answers were in their blogs all along. Some just poof, gone. I made Sweet Man and Shelley promise, if something happens to me....oh like someone finally has had enough of my smart mouth and shoots me at the store or some other thing that would keep me from blogging that they would let you know. Now that sounded a little self absorbed. I hope you get what I mean. I'm sitting here wondering and worrying about some lovelies I can't contact and I wouldn't want you to think The Olde Bagg just dissed you.

Back on subject. I still ask the big Why questions I have asked all my life. Why do people have to do each other wrong? Why do people not realize what power they have once they begin a relationship with others. Why can't I just not worry about this kinda thing?

Answer: soft heart, pointed head and Pollyanna and I were roommates way too long. I will always expect more and better and fair. Character flaw. And if I was auditing this class, they would ask me to leave because of all the tears and tirades. I would say "so sue me, but some jerk would".