Friday, November 19, 2010

What you don't read can cause physical discomfort.

Yesterday's post not withstanding I must address another shortcoming in my household. Okay, so it's called bitching and moaning in the vernacular of my species. Old crone that is. I saw a badge on someone else's blog that says something like, "Being a bitchy old broad is part of my charm". Ain't it the truth.

We (the adults in the household) are charged with being good role models. Statement, that is not always the outcome. I'm gonna make a confession....I am human. So are the other loving folks in the house but we often times don't read, especially directions. It's one of the things we will do, if all else fails. Yikes!!!

We (the household we) are ill alot. We (the children) like to share everything we get, very unselfish of us. We (the household) require many bottles of medication to control symptoms of the colds we share. Sometimes, the medicines look very similar. And yes you do know where I am going. Oops.

As a sewer, crafter, builder of small and unnecessary but wanted things, I believe in the saying, "measure twice, cut once. However, when it comes to other endeavors, uh, not so much??????

I was the recipient of the non-reading mess up and now we (the adults) have corrected the mass of similar looking bottles so that one of the household isn't up all night sicker from something I should not have taken than what was ailing me to begin with. I am very thankful that the kids don't dispense the liquids for colds. And I am through with guess work. Errrrrrr.

Beware the lazy for they shall get what they deserve. And now I'll break out in song......with a favorite WWI song....Read darn ya read............and then you won't have to be swaying and urpy for hours.