Monday, December 6, 2010

And there are dead people on our tree......

I know, when I heard those words come out of RyLeigh, the sage of Casa de Cuckoo, mouth. I kinda said, huh? Sorta sounds like the little boy on The Sixth Sense.....I see dead people.......

He was explaining to Papa about how we had put dead people on the tree. But not that many and some of them were playing instruments. I ask Ry if the ornaments bothered him and he said heck no, they are way cool. He said they were just the guys from the day after Halloween. Hey, he was listening.

Well I can imagine when he shared that little tidbit of information to his teacher and gosh knows he shares all the family's dirty laundry as do most 6 year olds, she really thinks he is surrounded by "strangees on a half shell".

So now, it is time for an explanation and a bunch of photos of my Mexicana tree.

Black tree, and boy did I get crapee from GK on that one, (Oma, normal people don't use black trees at Christmas. Oh yeah says I and your point is?????? Bossy butt.)  A box of Mexicana Christmas ornaments which by all accounts is an unusual occurance as well. In the box are glass ornaments I made with loteria (Mexican bingo) mini cards. You know the ones, with mermaids, the rose, the moon, drunk people, scorpions, birds, skulls. What? you don't have those? Also included are tin and punched tin ornaments: a tree top star on a stick, the devil, turtles, snakes, angels, cows, bells, cowboys, wreaths (or as they are referred to here as Christmas moons), and of course sacred hearts aplenty. In that grouping are also a Dia de los Muertos mariachi band, the virgin and child and the aztec three face. We also have pottery balls from oaxaca and nuevos casas grande. As well as colored ribbons, paper mache bulls, donkeys, and angels.

No, I would not say that this is a "average" tree but then as Leeanna says on her blog, "the average American woman wears a size 14, so who wants to be below average?"

So yes, we do have representations of dead people on our tree. I just don't know if Ry's teacher is going to understand unless I take some of these photos. Of course, if he shares that we have calacas and calaveras (skulls and skeletons) drying on the dining room table right now (I'm working on some DOTD projects before the idea falls out of my old head), it might complicate the issue. The only reason I think this is funny is because, his regular (tee hee) teacher is so young and sheltered and enthusiastic and uptight and white bread. She let us know his drawings have a hard edge to them, almost like he's drawing war. Huh??? Really??? We had to let her know that his therapist is working with him and letting him draw his nightmares and his abuse story on paper. And I have to admit after he draws some of the things he draws, I throw them away. So I should cut her some slack and this probably non average tree won't ease her mind either.

His special ed teacher is just the opposite and way laid back. Guess which teacher he will tell?

Please know, we also have a delightful gnome and fairy tree in the kitchen breakfast room, but I bet he won't share that one with Ms. Ants in her Pants.

Ry is quite the six year old boy.....yay for him. He is full of life and himself. The last year has been so freeing for him, but he is still a work in process and because of how he is wired will always either amaze or confound people in his life. I just like to sit back and watch the either/or. And then we haven't even covered the 10 year old with upshot hormones. Happy Holidays ya'll.


  1. Ry is just too cute. Kids say the darnedest things. I had a good chuckle over this one.

  2. love the black Mexicana tree! so much fun!

  3. Och, normal is over-rated anyway ;o)

  4. Lovely...who cares what uptight people think anyway? I can't wait to see pics of your other trees as well!

    Oh, and thanks for the link for Danni, I voted for her.

  5. What a fabulous tree!! I really love the idea of using loteria symbols as ornaments!

  6. Happy holidays!

    I love all the latin stuff. Anything that's a variation of the standard holiday fare is okay by me.

  7. I love the fact that there are different trees, ornaments, and tree toppers all over the world. Where would we be without culture?

  8. What a great post! And I love the tree!!!!!

  9. Your tree looks just like a tree that lives in New Mexico should look like...I LOVE it & it makes me want to live in something adobe!!! ;)

  10. I adore your tree. I hadn't noticed that it was black, I was looking too closely at the wonderful ornaments and my brain told me it was just very dark green. It is wonderful.

  11. Linda,
    I LOVE YOUR MEXICAN TREE with the dead people!!! hahahahaha I am still laughing just from reading your title to this post. You do have a way with words that make me smile.
    What a character your little Ry is. You must love the things he says. The poor teacher. Hahahaha This was a great post.
    Your trees are wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! I love all the DOTD ornaments. I love the color! Oh, it's all such fun, Linda.
    Oh, BTW, I voted for that snowman ornament.
    ♥ audrey

  12. You do have dead people in your tree, but cool ones. Probably wouldn't hurt to let Ry take some pictures of the tree for show and tell.

  13. Hey Girl, you're a bigger beaner than me!! LOL Love the tree and ornies...wonderful! As for the Ry-Man, I know his mind and I know what you're talking about when it comes to teachers...had my fair share of those sweet young thangs who meant well, but didn't have clue!! Oh, just wait a few more days, Ry will really be surprised!! LOL

    Loves ya,


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