Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The faery/gnome/elf/pixie/vintage tree............

I have some ornaments that have been on practically every tree I have had since I was a kid. I have my carribean dancer, cotton batting pixies, the stocking for my first parakeet, plastic Santa face and yep, the dinosaurs did not eat them all.

I also have some ornaments that are from when Shelley was a puppy back in the day....hehehehehe. Xanadu, Grease, Leif Erickson, Fraggle Rock, Miss Piggy....oh you get the era. Miniature glass balls, gnomes sleeping in a bird nest on their honeymoon and other felt ornaments we made together, little german wooden guys, blown glass ones from The North Pole in Colo. Springs and a cone head Santa doll.
This little Jamaican girl has been on my tree for over 55 years.

And now we have ornaments that represent the grands. Blown glass yule log, mistletoe & holly ornaments, of course the victorian pickle and the fairy renditions of the grands. The rest of their vast collection is staying in boxes this year, otherwise we would have to have yet another tree, yikes.
Gerea as an elf

Ry as a fae

These treasures from our past and my mania about all things gnomey and mushrooms are combined on the "gee, you can tell the teacher about this tree" in the breakfast room. So I will take you on a tour of....what ever this thing should be called....I've got it....the family tree.
The traditional victorian pickle.

It is a little tree and sits on the sideboard in the breakfast room. We have a clothes line of elf clothes, a scene box from the 60's with a 50's Santa & tiny elves on the rooftop. Dam trolls and a Swedish woven goat and a sheaf of wheat. One of my faves is the tiny Santa paper doll framed and my Santa lantern from the 50's. I also adore the tee tiny gnome houses. And the newest ornament is a sweet silver and crystal angel to watch over us, sent to us by a dear lovely, whom we love and admire.
Trolls, straw woven goats, and a bite to eat for the goat
The nerve of the elves just putting up a clothesline in the kitchen

And Sweet Man's contribution to the scene is this sweet stained glass lighted tree that he bought for us the year we had to skip the holiday decorations because of a house remodel.
Made this while I was in college....makes it a million years ago.

So this is this year's Holiday tree tour at Casa de Cuckoo.....well there is one more and I'll share that one later this week or you can check it out on


  1. ~good morning my dear sweet friend...i don't think a tree can get any more priceless than this...pieces passed down from year to year...pieces that will continue for many more years to come...a beautiful treasury of holiday memories...and those ornaments made with the grands pictures...l♥ve...i may just haev to attempt to borrow your idea here...truly precious...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  2. Holy Moly, woman!!! I love your display...I lower my head in shame...just don't have anything that dynamic. I have a couple of old ornaments I salvaged from my mother's collection...she has no sense of sentimentality...NONE!! So I have to be the family historian when I can get my hands on something. One year she was going to toss out a dress my grandmother had made her little sister, a year before her sister passed away at the age of 3 from leukemia, or so my aunt thinks it was when she was older since she remembers her little sister. I was able to take that, but too late to save my sister's and my silk coats and matching hats my grandmother had gotten us in Paris in 1953 when she and my grandfather traveled to Europe on the QEII. So some poor little kid over in the Juarez barrio enjoyed those Parisian silk coats and matching hats....sigh!!

    Anyway, love your stuff and all you ke-wel ornies...oh, Shelly is that of my older kid's era...I miss "Fraggle Rock!" Ian was that of the "Barney" era...hate that damn purple beast!! And thanks for the your other many blogs do you have, lady????

    Loves ya,

  3. Your house is always such a holiday wonderland! You know without me even having left a comment on your previous post that I am head over heals in lust (or is it love?) with your black kitsch mexicana tree. I want a Santa in a sombrero for my tree! And dead people too! ;)

    The family gnome tree is beautiful too, in a completely different way, it makes my inner child squeal with delight at all the magical mushrooms and fairy creatures on your tree. It's all whimsy and light hearted; I must know though, who is that wee little elfling in the second picture? To the right behind the mushrooms? He looks to be the world's cutest grouch!

  4. Gorgeous tree!!!! I don't what I love most - the grands as fairies, those wonderful mushrooms, the trolls ( I remember those, I still have one with hot oink hair!) and, of course the pickle - got to have a pickle!!!
    Merry, merry!

  5. So glad the dinosaurs spared some stuff for your tree ;o) Looks so much fun at Christmas at Casa De Cuckoo, loving the virtual visit.

    That reminds me, must go and get the Christmas koala out...

  6. Hi Linda,
    What an enchanting tree! It's wonderful! I recently showed some of my Christmas elves and pixies and faeries and today I have my village up if you'd like to stop by.
    Thanks for my daily smile!

  7. Wonder why the victorian pickle caught my eye???

  8. What a diverse collection you have assembled and that each one has a story behind it makes it so special.
    I adore that Jamaican girl.

  9. Oh, Linda, wonderful, wonderful and more wonderful!!!! The trees....the ornaments...the decorations... Your home is a Christmas wonderland.
    ♥ audrey

  10. what a magical tree you manage to make you home so enchanting, i wish i could be a little fairy on your tree it would be havenly x x x

  11. you know I love your tree with all your treasures. having one deco over 55 years, very impressive. Hope this is the best Christmas ever for you and your family. hug.


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