Sunday, December 12, 2010

I think you need to know......

I know all of you are very busy and drop in on the run to read.....the reason I know that is because, I do too.

I would love to have an entire day to spend not only reading each of your blogs but going back and reading the ones I missed, but alas, the globe keeps spinning and we keep racing about like we know what we are doing. N'cest Pas?

I have, as of late, found out from several of you that you did not realize that I, the old and weird one, have more than one blog. And some of you are going, really????? is she really gonna tell us this. And the answer is yes, because I try really, really hard to keep the subject matter different for each one. Ye Olde Crone's Gazette is where I try to put into words what I feel is going on in the/my world that has some pain, angst, to it. Alot has to do with my past, the kids present and our attempt at being supportive of others who might be in the same circumstances. Although sometimes, it just serves as a good place to vent, rant, you know. Practically Magickal is intended to be where I share my art work. Hasn't really been used as much as I should use it, but that is about to change. I is my intention to make it my focus in 2011. is my Etsy shop, such as it is. This also will have a new focus in 2011. I have enough arting and crafting "things I will never use, if I had three lifetimes" and intend to destash and offer on Etsy. Also I have been able to move on and will be listing my Mother's stash of "for good" items she never got around to using. New old stock is what I think they call it. So after Jan. 1 if you are in the market for some aged crapee or great junque, come visit me. is the blog where I keep all of you updated on the insanity perpetrated on and by the inhabitants of Casa de Cuckoo. This blog is my heart. It is where I have in the past focused my inner self. My love for my family, my view of the world according to Linda and the funny I found around me all the time.
btw, youtube has so many of the old Fractured Fairy Tales....too funny.
So I am cross referencing these pieces of my blogging/computer life because I am beginning to feel like the faery on Rocky and Bullwinkle's TV show Fractured Fairy Tales. It was okay when I only had a few of you to answer back to when you so graciously commented. But when some of my lovelies know of my past life abuse and others are shocked by it and I can't keep straight who's who and what's what....well this old grey mare don't have the brain power to keep homework, field trip permission slips, dinner plans, Joe's work schedule, Shelley's days off, deadlines for customers and making a magickal day for all that I love. I'm not complaining....I love ever minute of a full life....but I am repurposing (that's gonna be my word for 2011) my time and energy and if I let all of you know where you can find me hiding er doing my thing, then I won't miss out on a moment's joy.
Because quite frankly, you have saved my life. When I didn't think I could bear some of what has happened to myself or my sweet babies....there you were, commenting, lifting me up, making me better every day. You gave me a purpose. You gave me a reason. And for that there are only four words and they really aren't enought but will have to do for now. Thank you my friends.


  1. ~thank you for being such a great joy in our day to day as well...your imagination...creative ways...rawness and all out truthful and honest ways are a gift to each that stop over for a visit at your little places here...through your laughter we have smiled and your pain we have listened and learned and been able to offer support as friends should...and as you give to each of us...linda...repurpose...a magnificent word to live by!!! i can't wait to see what 2011 will bring your way...much l♥ve and light~

  2. I honestly don't know how you keep up with all of the blogs...I thought about starting a separate one and just can't bring myself to commit to another one...but I read all of yours....your words speak volumes and I am humbled to be able to read them, digest them and comment on them.

  3. Hi Linda, I am one who didn't know about all your other blogs. I am going to have to check them out some day and I will definitely be keeping my eye on your etsy shop. I already am doing that, there is one thing there I really wish I could buy. Maybe after Christmas if it is still there. Take care, my new friend. I know you will be there for me if I ever need some lifting up.

  4. Theres never enough time to do every thing. And at this time of year its like it with all there is to do its hard to find time for much else. I think its great your able to have so many ways ( & blogs!) to express yourself!

  5. Hey lady, you didn't have to explain what's happenin'...many of us have been there, done that and if we haven't, it's good to know someone who has and your "choes" are hell to fill!!

    Just keep doing and saying what you've been doing and saying...reading your blogs are like talking to you...I can hear you chatting away!!

    As for your Etsy blog, you've inspired me and I think I'll start a "art" blog ...I too have to get going on putting my art out there because they "ain't" knocking my door down to buy my stuff!!

    Have a good week and let me know if you got that package...seems the Pony Express is short a couple of horses this season!!

    Loves ya and the goats look adorable in their elf suits,


  6. I applaud your desire to set boundaries. We only have so much time in a day. I also thank you for the updates and your plans for 2011. You are a strong and beautiful woman and I immensely enjoy your "company".

  7. HI Olde...Glad you mentioned the other blog. I was not aware of it. I had two separate ones but it became to much of a chore to write, comment and read the different followers. I commend you for the effort! I'm new to you but getting familiar.

  8. So many times we don't know what we don't know until someone brings it to our attention...I think I've been to all your places, but don't know for sure as you have so many...don't know how you keep up, but you seem to...and, of course, you know we are all happy to help whenever we can because you are a really cool person...I received this really nice card recently...Hubby even commented on how nice it was...Thank you...Happy Holidays...

  9. More than one blog is mindboggling. I struggle mightily with one.
    I bow to your stamina.

  10. AHHHHHhhh someone just like me. ahahahaha. Crazy. I have been thinking of doing another blog but just for the Witch in me. I think it will be the beginnings of that magazine I want. But we will see.

  11. I'm just glad I did find your blogs. You're a treasure!!! XO


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