Thursday, December 30, 2010

If I could I would, but I can't so I won't..........

Almost the end of 2010. So let me say I hope for you the Happiest, Healthiest and Best New Year ever.

I would reflect on the year but I already do that at the time. If you don't save yer gripes up they won't rot on ya. Or something like that. Nothing like a pile o' rotting gripes. Ya can't do anything but put um in the trash and forget um.

But I so have a story to relate to you about our excursion yesterday to use the gift card (which is an oxymoron when the store is Walmart). But then you know Walmart and the people with all the holiday spirit of the Grinch's left big toe who work and shop there are some of my favorite chums ever. Wow, that was evil sounding huh? Good at least I am being succinct.
As I said my sister in law gave the kids a gift card and they were so excited to get to pick out something. And you know that meant we scoured every single toy on every single row. And for GK we looked at "just the right" kind of jeans. I love that they have a sense of what they like and don't. Well after we had found the sparkly retro boot cut jeans, hula hoop, and nerf football. I  still needed to walk to the other end of the super store to get goodies for New Year's eve for us. On our way, Papa, alias SM told Ry to run to the garbage can at the end of the main aisle and wait for us. Ry so needs the confidence builders like doing a task and then feeling successful to boost his self esteem in social situations. We made sure no one was crowding the aisle and it looked like clear sailing.
Ry ran for all he was worth, got to the trash can, tapped it twice and turned to smile at us. As we approached, I saw two ladies were sitting on the bench next to the trash can and were engaged in conversation with a male employee. Before we got to him, the one woman in blue had yelled at Ry and taken his smile to a look of confusion. She then turned to her friend and the male employee and continued what I then heard in their conversation of a series of Hallelujahs and Amen brothers.

We turned the corner stopped and asked Ry if he was okay, he said yes (but I knew better) and continued down the aisle to our destination, with stops for "lookie at this" and "isn't that cool?". The more we walked, the more angry I got so when we crossed paths with the hallelujah woman in blue, I sent the kids and Papa on and stopped to have a chat with her. She was engaged still with the employee and her friend and they still were patting each other on the back verbally about their moral victories and beliefs. I walked up, did not excuse myself but rather said, (warning: Don't continue reading if you have a pacemakers or are faint of spirit, and you've been warned).

"I am going to be as rude to you as you were to my grandson. My grandson has a learning disability and we sent him on his run to boost his confidence and we were in control of his actions". She said, "well, he hurt my ears, I have sensitive ears" (strange I wonder what the yelling you did, did to your sensitive ears?) I said "I was very sorry that she had a disability but having such, she should understand his position as well and because she was an adult should be able to act like one and not berate a child as she had. And besides, I had overheard, like the rest of the Walmart that she was a Christian and having been a youth minister for 20 years understood the passage in the Bible that talks about suffer the little children should at least apply to this situation and certainly showed her lack of growth and knowledge in her faith". And she again said, "well I didn't know. I would have reacted differently if I had known he was affected. How could I have known? And I then said, "why should that even matter? I thought the Golden Rule applied to all not just some or the ones you know.  And assured her I didn't think Jesus would have thought his own disability a reason to lash out and hurt a child. And walked away. She was yelling at me....."you can't blame me, I didn't know." And I thought to myself "AND???????"

When I caught up with my posse, GK wanted all the dirt, what a mess and Ry, squeezed my arm and asked me if I was okay. I told him I was fine and he smiled and said, "you love me huh Oma?" You beat your sweet cheeks I do buddy.
I didn't relate this to you to point out how rabid I am, or any religious bias but rather a shared human failing. We all need to be mindful of how we treat each other. We don't know what kind of poop the other person has stepped in just prior to our encounter with them. But I do have to be honest and say that even when I was involved in church ministry a million years ago, folks who go about touting their virtues based on their talk not their walk (hallelujahs and Amens) ................. frankly irk my chicken. As one of my fellow educators and a ministers wife, back in the day used to say as she drove and someone cut her off or offended her in some way, "bless you fool".

I hope I haven't offended any of you my lovelies, and I am not trying to give you a diatribe or a homily....just that I should wear a sign when out with folks who don't know.....Warning don't be ugly to my grands, this old broad is locked and loaded (not that kind) most of the time. And I need to stay out of Walmart. And as GK puts it, "my Oma sees all, hears all and torments all". Damn, GK's good.

Blessings, peace and safety to each of you for the New Year's festivities.

Don't forget that I am bringing a celebration of all things Wizard of OZ for you to join right after the New Year.


  1. Good for you....and thank you for sharing.
    Hugs to you and Happy New Year!

  2. Wrong.wrong.and SO freaking wrong.

    She had sensitive ears - but thought it good to yell at a small child. "Good" Christians crack me up as they don't know the meaning of the word "good" nor "Christian".

    Thank you [like you would do any different ;D] but thank you for standing up to the hypocrite.

    Do I need to buy you a cane. hee

  3. Amen, sistah! ;) Hopefully you have started her down a line of thought that will change her next encounter.

  4. Girl, you handled that with 100% more class than I would have. I don't blame you a bit for giving her a talking to, I'm like a lion with my son.

    As one of my favorite sayings goes..."You mess with the bull, you get the horns"

    Happy New Year!

  5. Good for you. She was probably showing off for her friends at Ry's expense. Sensitive ears my a..

  6. What a good Oma !! You're kinder than I would have been. My Jersey Girl temper would have gotten the best of me. Great post!

  7. Hopefully, you planted a seed of doubt in her that what you see is not all there is. That would be wonderful.
    I once watched a really crabby clerk growl at her customers. Finally the lady ahead of me just said softly, "You are having a really hard day aren't you." The clerk collapsed in tears and said she had just gotten the word from her doctor that morning that she had stage 4 cancer. She was a single mother.
    You are so right,"we never know what poop the other person has stepped in." Thanks to you, she may learn to think before acting.
    You go Oma bear.

  8. Hopefully your voice will help her think before she speaks next time...more people need to be reminded that patience and tolerance are very important...

    wishing you the best new year's ever...

  9. And this was in Walmart? She was in Walmart and objecting to this boy? Has she not seen the people who go to Walmart? (That was not intended to apply to you and yours who I realize were in the Walmart.) And she was offended by an exuberant child? More's the pity for her.

    You know, I think rude people should be brought up short and in public if possible. Maybe if we'd stop tolerating rude behavior (and I don't mean your behavior) then people would act with a little more grace.

  10. Good for you! Some people are just plain mean and cranky. The best part is that your grandson felt all that love coming from you, and knows with all his heart that his Oma loves him and would beat the tar out of the walmartians for him :o)Happy New Year! Michele

  11. Ha, good for you! I have to say that the most rabid 'Christians' I have found have generally behaved in the most un-christian ways, and whose tolerance of others and their ways and beliefs far worse than anyone else. But that's okay 'cos the man with the big white flowing beard is going to save them after all their mean and nasty acts...

  12. Ya done good. Keep on keepin' on.

  13. You go girl!!! How dare they or anyone else treat a sweet child in such a way. Ry's learning disability should not even have had to enter into it. How pitiful that one piece of information seemed to be the only reason she felt it necessary to (somewhat) apologize.

    I applaud the size of your ovaries!

  14. Oh, I forgot one thing...Happy New Year!

  15. Kudos to you! Very well done.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  16. You handled that awful woman with an awful lot of class, logic and intelligence! I bet her head was still spinning the next day and she was still muttering 'I didn't know' to herself later on.

    You've got some lucky grands to have an Oma like you!

    Happy happy new year to you and the rest of the Cuckoos! <3

  17. One of my favorite sayings is that going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car. 'nuff said.

    Ry is one incredibly perceptive child. And Oma did good.

    Happy New Year, Sunshine, to you and yours.<3

    word vert:stersp. As the cowboy swung into the saddle, his feet missed the stersp.

  18. Ry is lucky to have you for his Oma. Happy New Year to you and yours. I am looking forward to everything Oz.

  19. wish me was there to witness ;oO
    You is a bad old girl!
    But then...takes one to know one he he he :o)
    I'm so proud of you!

    I see that when left to play on your own (without me) you manage to do justice to the Old Bagg go Lindy!

    Happy New Year to my mostest favouritest old gal :o)
    By the way..where's Walmart?


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