Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's good to have strange friends, it makes the time go by faster.........

The very first person I met and made friends with on the web was on a papier mache artist yahoo group. I joined not knowing what I was letting myself in for but wanting to connect with others who enjoyed working in paper, pulp, glue etc. I also wanted to learn more. Well, this particular group was, let's say....a little out of my league....or so they thought and behaved. You know, the kind that don't talk to you when you walk in a party because you aren't wearing the "right" clothes. And I didn't have the right credentials to be spoken something. I tried. I was friendly, not pushy, asked questions and N O T H I N G. And I was just about to just pack it up and move on down the road, when this person started answering my questions and making remarks back and forth with me.

The fun had begun and I believe my buddy and I tormented them for the length of time we stayed in the group. She got a blog and encouraged me to do the same and until recently when she took some time off from bloggie land we have been hot and heavy ever since. She only lives a few hours away from me but we still have not made the trip to mid point in Truth or Consequences, NM. We will, but whether we see each other or not I am truly grateful to my crazier than possible, otra vieja loca, all things skelly lovin', high spirited and tells it like it is, friend Georgina of La Llorna Arts
skull for Ry, angel for GK
The reason for this post is to first thank her for bringing me along to bloggie land, second for remaining a true friend, third gifting me with the bestest and most bizarre skelly novios in the world and sending presentos to the grands that are perfect for the Muertos christmas tree extravaganza at Casa de Cuckoo.
this is the brides bouquet
I don't even remember why I started wishing her blessings and goats....something she said at some point I am sure but that ending to a conversation is special as is this special, warm, loving lady who remains a goodie and bestee. Not that you will always understand "what the for crying out loud" she is saying but give the Big G a try, she's a stitch and then some.

Blessings and goats dear one.


  1. Hell, I'm just glad you finally got the package...I was bit worried since this time of year, the "ponies" at "Ye Ol' Pony Express" are in big need of new horsey shoes or more horsies!!! I'm just glad you have your stuff and are enjoying it!! You told me some time back that you collected Day of the Dead married couples, hence your gift!!

    Know I loves ya and as I said once, ok, probably many times, I don't make New Years resolutions and meeting you, cara a cara, was going to happen in 2010...well, it didn't happen, but as we both agree, life sometimes gets in the way and it happens way too much!!!!! So, my SM told me that hopefully, sometime in a couple of months, he wants to go to the Hard Rock Casino (really pushing it here in ol' EP) and then we'll meet. We would do the "Bowel" Game up there, since our boys from down here will be playing up there, but again,life got in the way of buying tickets...the Sun Bowel game sold out here in less than 4 hours...Nortre Dame and Florida...every Catholic has a golden ticket, except this Catholic, but then I've got better things to do than go to a crowded football stirring the menudo for New Years Menudo Fest of 2011!!

    Ok, off to my next tangent, but I'll bother someone else...Anne or Pam need some tangents on their blog, so I'll run over there.

    Just know, my dear amiga, that you are loved and cherished outside of Albuquerque. Take care and don't work too hard.

    Loves ya and the chivos send their greetings,

  2. YAY for Georgina!! I'm glad she instigated your becoming a blogger! How nice that you've become good friends. I've read many comments that Georgina has left on blogs, but have not "met" her yet. I think I've even left a comment or two on her FB page, so I kind of feel like I know her a little. (: You can tell from her comments that she is filled with life and can find humour in most anything. And, anyone who makes neat skelly stuff is pretty great in my books!! (:
    A very nice testimonial to your friend, Georgina!
    ♥ audrey

  3. lol... I've done the 'torment the online group that are waaay too serious' thing.

    Love those skeletons!

  4. Being strange is always fun lol but its great to know there are others out there just as strange :) heres to US loving the skeletons another creative soul x x x blessings crystal

  5. What a nice post. Sometimes it's those off the wall meets that end up being a life-long friendship. I met a woman in a Yahoo chat many years ago because I bought a new dog and wanted some advice. Turned out she was from the same town as me in NJ and a few years later she went back to NJ to visit and I drove down from CT to meet. That has to be about 15 years ago.

  6. What a wonderful friend to have!

    The ornaments are amazing. I adore each one.

    I make more comments but sometimes I forget you have to go to the bottom of the comment know I'm here, brainlessly, trying to leave a comment.

  7. It is wonderful when we find someone who speaks our own unique language, she sounds like the perfect friend.


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