Thursday, December 2, 2010

So I'm hatching some plans.........

You know, I just love all the farm blogs with the chickens and goats and donkeys. I can't resist a cute picture of a duck, pig or mule. So every morning I make the rounds in blogdom looking at what other fortunate country folks consider their normal surrounds.

Here in the city, well not so many opportunities to see more than the normal city dwelling sparrows, pigeons and the damnable mourning doves. So when the occasional passer by or passing thru birds show up.....yipee. I never have my camera when I see them and been frustrated so now in the spirit of let's give me a break.....I just enjoy seeing them and not worry about capturing them on camera. Works out pretty good so far. Of course my absolute favorites are vacationing in South America right now...that would be the hummers.

We had our onslaught of crows just after Halloween and they just recently moved on to warmer climates. The in neighborhood roadrunner has taken to foraging in the backyard again, so I am feeding her. The funny little yellow, computer sounding birds, robins, jays and red throated woodpeckers have probably moved south within the last two weeks. And now we have the clowns of the bird world the chickadees. They will only be here a couple of days and then move on as well but I do love to watch them manners at all...sorta like little kids at a birthday party. We occasionally see sandhill and whopping cranes along with Canadian geese in the big golf course not far from here. And I did see an arrow of some sort of duck or geese flying in formation yesterday.

So, in order to feed my bird and animal addiction, Sweet Man and I are heading out to the surrounding countryside (before the snow makes it harder) to do some fauna watching. It's just an excuse to go searching for a good green chile cheeseburger but don't tell. We joke about the capture of said cheeseburgers becomes harder with each passing season because they are all heading north for the money. But the fact is the great "little hole in the wall" places are having to close up because of the economy. So hen's teeth are easier to find on some of our adventuring rides and that is just sad.

If it were not for the fact that the gas and the vehicles we are using from SM's job were provided, I don't know that we would still be able to afford to do our adventuring on a weekly basis. We are very fortunate and we know it. We'd like to stimulate the economy of the the small mom/pop restaurant's when we do.

And so tomorrow, we will go in search of burritos (little donkeys, ya'll), cheeseburgers and black birds baked in a pie, er birds to watch.


  1. I'd choose a mom/pop shop over a chain place any day. They always have the best food. Have fun eatting on your way to do some bird watching!

  2. ~i cound't agree more...when we do venture out to eat...our favorites are the hole in the wall where they know you...small and always the most amazing foods!!! its nice you two can share such time together...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

  3. One year for our vacation we took a month to drive up to Seattle for my niece's wedding via Colorado Montana, Idaho, Oregon and then back down by a more western route Utah and the four corners area visiting friends and relatives and sightseeing. It was wonderful. I love the SW.

  4. Oh my goodness, that cheeseburger looks good enough to go jump in the car and drive to New Mexico!!! I LOVE a good cheeseburger and they are hard to find. The fast food burgers are mystery meat, flat, dry, and boring. I agree about the hole in the wall joints. They always have good burgers!! We found a pretty good place here - it's really the only place I'll order a burger from.
    I'm still having some bird activity out front at my feeders, but it has slowed down a little. I love winter, but I do miss the outdoor critters.
    Have fun tomorrow!!
    ♥ audrey

  5. Sounds like great fun...hope that you have a blast...

  6. You know I think I am craving a cheeseburger now, oh no....have a wonderful time. I like the small quaint stores for sure. be well.

  7. The cheeseburgers in Holland are so tiny it will sure make you cry! My dad goed to the USA allmost every year and he confermed it. He said all the food is 4 times bigger than the laucy food you get here in "Froggyland" aka the Netherlands aka Hollandia. :-)
    Have a yummi weekend Linda!


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