Sunday, December 26, 2010

So we went for a Christmas Day drive.............

For the past 39 years, I have laid in bed with Sweet Man and listened for the bells on Santa's sleigh to alert us to his departure. This year I was alone until 2 am. Some guys plane was late in from NY and my kind hearted husband waited for this guy to come to get a car. Then the jerk never even said thanks for waiting or Happy Holidays or showed in anyway that his mama even taught him good things. When SM got home from his "new and I hope soon to be former job", He was so exhausted he just went to sleep.

The grands weren't up by 8 am and because SM had to be to work by 10 am, he woke them up and got them moving towards Santa and all things Christmasy. Half way through the present opening, SM got up, went and took a shower and left for work. He got off work at 7pm and so we had Christmas dinner at 8pm. Then he had to be up early this morning and off he went again. No time to play or enjoy or...............just be us. But we are paying our bills.

Let me back up to yesterday again. After SM left, the kids played and I messed on the computer for about an hour and then....I couldn't stand it anymore. I got dressed, asked GK if she wanted to go to see the dead luminarias (I'll explain in a moment) and go to see Sweet Man at work. She is my bestest cohort in crime and we really did miss Sweet Man so off we went.
Joe works near the Albuquerque International Airport and as we were getting off the freeway to the Airport this Southwest Airlines plane whose pilot must have been being chased by aliens came down on his approach so low that I was really afraid he was going to miss and land on the road. He actually had to pull up in order to make his landing. Great, huge puffs of tires, dirt and oh shit were seen from our vantage point. GK leans over to me and said, "I don't think that was supposed to be the way the plane should land". Uh.....when a 10 year old who has flown 4 times can see that as a problem, sports fans, I bet the passengers were counting their teeth as they deplaned. It was a hard landing. Before going into see SM we watch 3 other landings and the pilots on those flights must have actually been paying attention to the fact that the ground was approaching them, unlike the SW pilot, because they did those ease your wheels down on the tarmac kinda landings and GK rated their landings in the 9.5 to 10 range.

Sweet Man was thrilled to see us, showed us off to his co workers, walked around trying to find people to introduce us to and we had a great visit with him. Albuquerque is known for the outdoor art that dots the city and the airport is even more bestowed upon than other sites so we got to see Objects de Arte, we had heretofore not seen. Right up GK's alley so we wrote down the names of the art pieces and the artists and spent some time waiting for Papa to get home yesterday evening looking the artist up on the internet.

After seeing Sweet Man we went for a drive that is usually taken on Christmas eve to the Country Club area of the near south valley, not far from the airport. Every Christmas eve, thousands of cars and buses wind their way thru this area of town to see the little brown paper bags filled with sand and a votive candle, by the 100's of thousands displayed on the sidewalks, walls, driveways, houses and goodness knows where else. Literally an area 2 miles square lit by candlelight. It is an awesome sight and is always a must do for anyone here on that night. The other side to this though is, I grew up in that neighborhood as a younger kid and remember the morning after and how amazing all the brown bags look in the day light. Not sad like Christmas trees with tiny bits of tinsel thrown away but magickal still with the effort of hundreds of peoples endeavors of love for the tradition of the luminarias or farolitos.
As a kid we would go for a walk Christmas day and see them as the "dead luminarias" tour. So that's the drive GK and I went on and then I drove her on the route I used to walk home from elementary school 2.6 miles (and no it was not uphill both directs in the snow). But it was across a major street with no crossing at the lights and through neighborhood streets and something I would never allow her to do now. But back then (when the dinosaurs were the only thing I had to worry about) it was not a big deal. GK was impressed though. I showed her where I lived, where my friends lived and had a really nice drive down memory lane.

The reason for the adventure on Christmas Day was I missed Sweet Man and our "use to be life" and how we've done things for almost 4 decades...I know I'm a big baby. So? Who else am I going to admit that to besides you lovelies? and my sweet GK.


  1. What a great post. Sounds like a beautiful holiday and tradition too.

  2. Although I know you missed SM - it still sounds like a lovely day. :) Especially visiting SM at work. And the luminaries. And being with GK. YAY!

  3. I miss the luminaries. Every Christmas eve we would go walking the neighborhoods in El Paso Texas. They were everywhere. Those where the days, walking and singing. How I miss it.

  4. What a wonderful post. Your beautifully descriptive prose allowed me to live the entire day through your eyes. I love your relationship with SM and GK.

    For the record...I am a big baby as well. Perhaps we should start a club.

  5. Linda sounds as though you made the very best of the day even it it was not your first choice. I would love to see the luminaries, nothing like that here.

  6. Linda, your little drive with GK sounds magical. You describe things so well, I always feel like I'm there with you.

    Bless those people for putting all those luminaries out ~ so beautiful.

    It is a joy to hear how much you and SM love being together!

    Oh, and Linda, I don't miss those dinosaurs either. One thing we don't have to worry about these days. (:

    ♥ audrey

  7. Lovely day and it's OK to be a big baby. XOXOXO

  8. A wonderful holiday...different that what you wanted...but wonderful!

  9. My sister-in-law called us Christmas morning to describe taking the bus with her Newcomers group to see the luminaries. She was so impressed with the organization, with how the motorcycle cops along the route decorated their motorcycles and the whole deal. So now that's on our bucket list. It appears you made some mighty tasty lemonade out of those lemons, my dear and made a little girl happy to boot. Happy New Year!

  10. sounds like you had a good day though...sorry about your sweet one being so busy...i probably would have been sulky all day:)
    the lights look amazing...ive always thought luminarias were facinating..the glow is so warm.
    hope you have a great week.

  11. How neat that you went to see SM at his work. I'm sure that made his day.
    It was not all you wanted but still a grand day. Nice save.

  12. so sorry you man had to work on the day and for an ungrateful wretch at that. but sounds like you and GK had a good time together.

  13. Darlin', back in the day when I lived in Dallas, that man from NY would have been called a "stinin' Yankee!!" Some places in this country are still sore about who won the Civil War!! Oey!! But I have to admit, he certainly behaved like one, the stinkin' Yankee!! LOL

    We have the luminarios, out here too...none this year in front of our house...the local high school must have decided on something different for a fund raiser this year. Used to help out my son's band program by delivering them to customers who purchased them for Christmas Eve..those were the days!! The neighbors had some up, though and Scenic Drive was all lit up...gorgeous!!

    I'm familiar with the areas you wrote about...hell, I should just move to Albuquerque, but then we'd have to start saving for our bail money now if that happens!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Have a great New Years and maybe I'll just make another surprise phone call since we're on the same time zone!!

    Loves ya mucho and the goats are enjoying their tamales left over from Christmas Eve!!


  14. So sorry that you life had to's difficult when the good things change...Glad you had GK to go with you...and you did get to visit SM...hugs...

  15. Aww, that sounds like a great way to spend the day, glad you were able to catch up with SM for more time together

  16. I love luminarias and have always dreamed of having a house in N.M. and lighting them up. I've never heard of the dead luminarias, it reminds me of the Day of the Dead and the spirits that come out to play. Have you ever seen the movie "American Beauty"? There's a scene with this paper bag floating in the wind that is full of magick and beauty. I'm so glad you have a soul mate that is full of kindness and love, you deserve it with having to deal with past family issues :)

  17. You certainly had a full Christmas - the things I miss by living alone ;-) One adjusts to just about anything...I actually enjoy living in peace and when people ask me if I mind being alone for Christmas, I say that I'd rather be with family, but I prefer to be alone instead of being with someone who irritates and upsets me.
    Happy Holidays and a blessed and healthy New Year :-)


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