Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something is missing...........

I feel like I am playing a game of Where in the World is Carmen Santiago, because I have lost something I usually have tied around my neck this time of year.

Where is the dread, the guilt, the playing hooky from reality that I usually experience this time of year? I know I should not look a gift horse in the mouth, as the saying goes but...well I guess my give a *^%$ button is broken.

This is all that will be done. This is all I have the energy for. The rest is up to others of the frantic and organized squad. I have baked my last pastillito, iced my last cupcake, batched my last cookie. Wrapped all that will get wrapped. And that's the way it is.

In my heart of hearts, and mind, I have moved on to hearts and bunnies and skelley's and pumpkins.

The gnomes in the kitchen keep insisting that I give them a little more attention since we got some new additions to the collection from another talented artist in Sweden Marie Louise Fritzen and our Photog extraordinaire Rebecka Ryborg Skott http://www.http// has sent us another of her masterpieces to be added to our collection of Beckybusness. I will give you wisdom from Becky across the ocean...."polka dots have power and polka dots give power". Now you have been blessed with all that matters.

I love, love, love red with white polka dot anything. And I have been keeping that longing down in the "some day, I'll get around to that" part of my being......but that is precisely what is calling me now, instead of the holidays. So instead of being a responsible adult and focusing on what is at hand and what I should be doing.....I am obeying my "need to do" and that's the name of that tune.

Who knows what tomorrow will or will not bring and I'm feeling like I should do what I can, while I can. Maudlin? Well maybe, I prefer to think of it as practical but I don't pretend to have all the answers, hell, most of the time I don't even know the questions to play with polka dots.


  1. I just love your little kitchen gnomes.

  2. I love polka dots too - They bring a smile to my face. :D One of my fav' pair of shoes are black with white dots. Oh and yes, there is a coordinating dress ;D. heehee

  3. ~where ever the wind blows go with it...embrace it with only happiness...i love the thought of just being...skipping to the beat...the rythm thats calling that day!!! now i go play with polka dots!!! these bits you shared are simply adorable...thank you so for your words the other day...i truly appreciate such...much l♥ve and light shining brightly upon you and yours~

  4. Oh man, I'd rather be working on anything non-Christmas related too lol Oh well, it'll all be there again tomorrow, happy playing!

  5. Occasionally you just need to abdicate all the responsibility and go with the flow of feelings or non-feelings. I'm still at the "Christmas is not the same" stage since my mother passed on and we're no longer going "home" for the holidays. I tried to make Christmas perfect for the last 33 years and now I'm allowing others to do their own thing and I'm learning to deal with that...

  6. LOve that kitchen gnome and his polka dot mushroom. Your place is lovely, now just relax and enjoy.

  7. I love gnomes but David won't let me collect anything like that. And yet he wants me to put flamingos in the garden. Go Figure.

  8. Polka Dots rule. Do you remember the comic book "Dot" or "Little Dot" I just loved that comic book. Polka Dots are happy and that's all there is to that.

  9. Love those polka dots too!!! I still have many miles to go before I lay my weary, aching head not to mention, my back...oey!! Today is Miss Daisy Day and I've gotten to the point that I need lots more space between us...maybe like you, it's just one of those seasonal things, but I'm craving some leverage here and I know I'm not going to get sis and niece come in Tues., maybe I don't have to go out and play with her on Wed.!!! LOL

    Hang in there, buddy. And I'm so happy Ry is keeping Mr. Skelly Snowflake close...sending him lots of good bad dreams for that boy!!

    Love ya and the goats and I are tired of this extended Spring sinus' have gone on strike!!


  10. Just follow your heart and live each day true to yourself!


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