Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tissue paper flowers as holiday bows.......

The only things you need to complete this activity are a sheet of tissue paper, a pair of scissors, a chenille stem and something round to wrap the chenille stem around.

 I know you all probably already know how to make tissue paper flowers but maybe you had not contemplated using them as bows for your presents. I (and this is my personal opinion) just hate those tacky ribbon bows that come in the packages of 50 smashed little jobbers. So here's my very humble tutorial on wacky paper bows for the presents under the Mexican holiday tree at Casa de Cuckoo.
This is one of those messy tutorials...done right as it was being implemented.

I take one sheet of tissue paper fold it in half, short sides meeting and then in half again. Using your scissors cut the folds apart. Now you have 4 long sheets of skinny tissue paper
Stack the tissue paper, evening out the edges (sorta) and accordian fold it, back and forth until you reach the end
fold the accordian folded tissue in the middle

take your scissors and make two V cuts into each side of the accordian fold at the middle line

wrap you chenille stem around and twist a couple of times, making sure that the stems face into where the middle of the flower will be. 90 degrees from where I have them in this photo, they should face one of the V's
unfold one half of the accordian and begin to separate the four sheets of tissue paper from each other. This is the only tricky part. Do your separating slowly and carefully so as not to rip the tissue paper. And then repeat on the other half of the accordianed paper.

The first round should look something like this

and when you are finished separating the tissue paper, this is what the back should look like

take the "round thing (pencil, paint brush, pen) and wind your chenille stem around and then pull out towards you. You can hot glue or use double stick tape to attach

I used one piece of tissue on the largest, only I folded it in thirds. One piece on the medium present and cut it in fourths and the last little guy was made with a half a sheet of paper folded in thirds. So you see you can adjust the size however you feel like it.

These are all GK's presents, Ry's are done in the striped paper with blue and purple fringed "things", goodnes knows we can't be calling them flowers. So play and have some fun and thanks for indulging my attempt at a sharing of something.


  1. Oh those are so cheery! I love it!

  2. Those are all about Christmas. I love them and great tutorial. You taught me something I didn't know how to do. Happy Holidays.

  3. Very festive! I love that you don't feel a need to stick with "Christmas" colors. I'll bet your tree looks great with these presents under it. Thanks for the tute!

  4. It's been years since I've seen a tissue paper flower. What a terrific idea! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks, I did not know how and will try one. They really add to a package and make it personal.

  6. Wonderful idea, I love it and so happy you shared the tutorial. I don't know how many times I have needed a bow for a package and did not have one. I always have tissue paper though. Thank You and hope your holidays are cheery and fun.

  7. You make it look easy, but I just know I'd mess it up, lol. Such lovely flowers.
    I found your blog via Marie Segal links. :)

  8. Took me a while to work out what a 'chenile stem' might be, and then I saw a pic and a lightbulb went on - a pipe cleaner lol.

    Now I have to admit that I don't actually wrap presents though, gift bags are my friend!

  9. I leave and you get even MORE CRAFTY.....damn you woman.

    They look lovely.

    Thank you for all your support and chat. I love you. :D



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