Monday, December 20, 2010

We wish you the merriest, merriest and happiest, happiest

From Casa de Cuckoo where the wild children dream and The Olde Baggs play to your lovely home:

Our wish for you is peace, love, joy with a side order of zippity do dah.

And for those of you who will be up watching the lunar eclipse and oooohhing and aaahhhing, we'll be yawning right with ya. Brightest Solstice Blessings.


  1. May you all enjoy a wonderful festive Yule! I will be at work so I am hoping to see the lunar eclipse at least.
    Blessings for a wonderful new year to you and yours!
    Autumn Turtle

  2. Back atcha sweetie. Hope it is everything you wished for. Love and hugs!

  3. And the same to you! The eclipse should be amazing.

  4. Enjoy that eclipse and wishing you all the best this season and for 2011.

  5. Merry Yule from Casa De Psycho ; ) I will probably be snoring like a chainsaw as well......I'm just too afraid that if I set my alarm for 3am I won't be able to get back to sleep and I'll be a cranky whiny monster by 2pm tomorrow and my Yule feast and lighting of the Yule log will be half-hearted. Decisions decisions decisions.

  6. what a lovely post...i really like that wreath.
    we will be up looking at the eclipe tonight for sure..we go to sleep when the sun comes up anyway:)
    have a great night!!!!!!!

  7. Abundance of love, happiness, joy and good health to you and yours. I will think of you during the eclipse as I sit outside the Toadstool and watch. XOXOXO

  8. Best wishes to you too. Missed the eclipse as it was overcast.

  9. Well, it's the next day and I missed it!! I fell asleep...what a maroon I am!! However, SM saw it and told me about it...had to be there!! LOL

    It's hardly winter the lower 70's and I'm tired of it..yes, you heard me...tired of it!! My leetle sinus' are so peesed off right now...enough with the extended Spring!! LOL

    Take care and loves ya,

  10. The Cuckoo squad here had a fire and zero gravity chairs and watched the beginning of the eclipse, then the clouds rolled in and we rolled in the house and let NASA be our eyes. I was a bit disappointed not "seeing" it with our own eyes but my teeth were chattering so much maybe it was a good thing. Happy Solstice. Tomorrow the Sun, which we met late, yawn, will rise 1 minute 22 seconds quicker than this morning. Yay for the Sun. Happy Winter, Merry Yule. TOB, Linda


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