Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I wish I would have told Santa............

 My parents didn't really get what Santa was all about. I mean they picked out presents and put them under the tree and filled the stockings but it was just something they did, at least that's what it seemed like. Both of my parents were children of the depression and so didn't really see much of a magickal quotient to the formula. And then there was my elder by 11 years. He was one of Santa's helpers for sure. Had that sparkle in his eye and was full of a good way. Always had a smile, a helping hand, a sweet fellow, even if he didn't like to be called sweet. Growing up he was my hero big brother.
The year I was 4, my brother convinced my mother to get me a Hop-a-long Cassidy outfit (a TV, movie cowboy) and a 42" bride doll. He even gave her half the money for the doll from his job at the movie theater. There is a picture of me somewhere, on Christmas morning with my black cowboy outfit with silver buttons including the big silver shiney buttons, walking this bride doll almost as tall as me along the sidewalk out in front of our house. In the background you can see this duffous smiling skinny teenaged boy with a grin as big as his heart.
This is also the same year I heard Santa's bells outside my window and found the biggest footprints in the snow along with reindeer hoof prints. Years later I asked him how he had done it and he still insisted that he had nothing to do with any of that, with the same duffous grin on his sweet face.
Sometimes when I think of the "icky" things that happened when I was a little girl, I refocus on the unabashed love that my big brother showered on me with such pure abandon. I was blessed by one of Santa's best helpers.....I wish I would have written Santa and let him know...........but I'm sure he does.
In life we need to stop and see all the magick and then rejoice in it.
Johnny, you were the best brother in the whole wide world.


  1. Linda sounds like your brother was watching over you. Johnny, oh I love that name so much. I remember when I was a young girl, 8 years or so and I had a big swing set and used to swing real high, so high that I could see the boy next door who was so handsome. Dark hair, skinny and shy. For some reason, one day I got up on my swing set and remembered a song and started swinging and singing, "Oh Johnny, oh Johnny, how I love you." Tee Hee. I got spanked by my mom who heard me and saw me singing to the boy next door. hahahaha. I'll never forget that. Take care, enjoy tomorrow.

  2. I wrote a post today about how my older brother (11 years older also) did something for me that changed my life! He was and is a good big brother.

  3. I also had one of those brothers (10 years older and another John though I called him Jack) who made it his lifes work to see that nothing bad ever happened to his Patti. Fortunately, though almost too late, I was able to tell him just how much he meant.
    So glad you are letting Johnny know.
    Lovely post.

  4. How beautiful, Linda. Older brothers who watch out for little sisters are the BEST! Patrick was the same with me. I hope he hears me when I tell him how much I love him.
    ♥ audrey

  5. Linda,
    how lovely to hear about your brother, lucky you!
    Can´t wait to see what Santa brings to me!
    I know he is very busy......:)

  6. What a sweet good brother! I'm glad he was/is in your life, surely he helped shape your imagination and creativity. What a wonderful gift.


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