Saturday, December 11, 2010

You know how when you find something good you want to share it?

Well unless you're a selfish, shellfish and then you keep the good bits to yourself. I have known a couple of those odd birds in my time. But I found a blog that many of you might enjoy. Her name will give away why I followed the yellow bricked road to her blog....The Blue Fairy.

She has a great sense of humor, and the story of Young Kate is one of those charming parable type stories from a long ago childrens book. Delightful. So run along and enjoy a good read.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies, The Olde Bagg, Linda


  1. Sounds like a fun blog. I'll have to stop by and oh that fireplace you have is very warming. I looked for one and couldn't find a widget for it. Last year I did have a fireplace at the top of my blog so that it would be nice and warm. Have a great Sunday. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Linda, always glad to find a new blog to visit. hope you are well and so are your little darlings. hugs my friend.

  3. Thanks, will check it out.
    Have a good one.

  4. ~good morning...i think sharing is the way to go...that is how we learn and stumble upon new nad exciting gifts in our lives...thank you so as you had shared her the other day and i quite enjoyed my visit! mcuch l♠ve and light upon you always~

    ps...your package will be mailed tomorrow first thing...have been battling the cold left me and decided to bring a friend along...gggrrr~


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