Sunday, January 2, 2011

The celebration of the Wizard of Oz is coming to a blog near you.......

I posed a question right after our Halloween party extravaganza this fall, especially since the grands and I had such a super exciting and enlightening time, writing our story, doing the decos, setting the stage for the enactment of the tale and then the Halloween party at the Royal Spiders abode. The story of two journeyors and their trials to find the missing spider was so fun and  turned into a three day do. We were ready for another challenge. And since we are dyed in the wool WOZ aholics......That's Wizard of Oz to those uninitiated in ways of the crazies..

The question was would you like to play along with us by doing a WOZ party? And to my great surprise and amazement and joy, almost to the last lovely, the answer was a resounding, yes.
Whether your a fan of the books, the screen plays, the movie, the good witch Glinda and the bad witch Elphaba, the Broadway play Wicked or just a love of all things Ozzie and not the English mumbler married to the little mouthy broad, I would love for you to come along and join us in CELEBRATE OZ.  I will have the button to link back and add your blog to the WOZ party roll by the 10th of January.  My only request would be that you pass the information along so that we will have a tornado of activity..
CELEBRATE OZ will be on March 19, 2011, just before Spring Equinox. I will be posting the invitation and button to link back and I just need to learn how to create a list of all the participants. There will be no other strings attached or long list of can do's and must not's. We'll simply play and have a good time.

I got to thinking about how the winter blahs always attack at this time of year and perhaps you can fill that void with WOZ celebration planning. May visions of munchkins, yellow brick roads and flying monkeys dance in your heads.

So my pretties, til we melt the bad and ding dong the good........


  1. Oh Linda, I am too thrilled! Thank goodness I got myself blogging in time for this gala. I will be here to grab your button as soon as it is up.

  2. Looking forward to this it should be a lot of fun! I love everything OZ!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I'm in!

  4. Sounds like one more adventure the grands won't forget. Good for you OB.

  5. Waiting with bated breath to see the results.

    word vert: quess. I am on a quess to improve myself for the year 2011.

  6. This sounds like great fun, and a commission a friend of mine has just given me could fit right in...

  7. Only a complete nimrod doesn't love "The Wizard of Oz"! Sounds like tons of fun!

    Happy 2011,

  8. Hey, I'm a Glenda the Good Witch kind of gal, so I'll play along...gulp, hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew, but count me in...zounds like fun!! LOL

    Loves ya and the goats are excited about this new little party!! They're dressing up as munchkins,


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