Friday, January 14, 2011

I received this lovely award from Marlene

Ms. Marlene gave me this award a few days back. So I thought I would take advantage of her generosity and pass it along to some others that are new to my blog list.

The rules of this award are: Tell 7 things about yourself and then pass it along to 15 others.....but you know I never obey the rules so we'll see how many of you I tag. After naming the new blogs, let the person(s) know you have awarded them with the Stylish Blogger Award.

1. I love the colors red and orange. They are just the ticket to get me in the mood to be me.
2. I love the seashore....the sound, the smell, the very air itself is so soothing.
3. Somedays are just meant for playing hookie from what ya gotta get done and doing what you wanta do.
4. All Marines are handsome in dress opinion but that's what this is right? Something about the dress uni.
5. My absolutes, must save if there is a disaster...memory box (basically holds my heart).
6. I'm not good at everything I try in art, but there's not much I won't try, because it could be fun.
7. If I had my druthers between an evening all gussied up out at a fancy schmancy restaurant or home in PJ's......P'J's wins hands down.

I must confess sometimes with awards I feel like passing them on is like producing a hit list but here goes.

1. Marfi at Incipient Wings she has this great guerilla art thing going on.
2. Roundabout super fun recipes, life, and family
3. Joanne lovely art work, great person
4. Lynda B. tell it like it is, shares needlework, life and opinions
5. Mina fun, great outlook, interesting posts
6. Elizabeth  wonderful information, insights, great lady
7. Lyn Lyn and I have Asperger's in common and I like her style

So I only got to 7. I know the paperwork will be in the mail. tee hee


  1. congrats on the award and to all the ones you choose. have to say I agree with the one about guys in uniform...

  2. You are definitely a stylish old broad - very deserving, of course. :D

    I love bright colors too - yellow being my most favorite. Guess it is why we are so compatible - don't red and orange look good with yellow ;D

  3. Congrats big time on the deserved award. You are stylish, if one doesn't count the PJ's but for all I know, they also may be stylish.
    I am totally in sync with all but #5, my Kindle is my first save once the pets are clear.
    Will go check out your awardees.

  4. Fun to learn a bit about you and thanks for accepting. Off to work on my OZ project (it is a surprise).

  5. ~you are always to much!!! love your rule breaking spirit...ah yes a man in a uniforn...never understood what my mom saw in my dad when fully dressed in his flight suit but as i grew up and saw such men all dressed...sigh...there is something to be said for such!!! i am with you...pjs all tucked in cozy and happy versus a stuffy overpriced restaurant! congrats on your stylish award and all those you have passed it along too...and a big thank you for everything as of late...i am truly blessed to have such a friend in my life...much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  6. Thank you so much! I am so excited! Not like awards??? Oh, not this girl!

    Well now that I am finished talking all about me, I Love your 7 things and your free spirited attitude. Congratulations on your award! ;-)

  7. LINDA!!!
    I need to get your address!
    I have your little gift from my 100th post, which was AGES ago!
    I come to ABQ quite often lately, so could either come see you....or at the very least drop this in the mail.
    Do you remember?
    Now, I must read this post of yours!
    Looks like FUN!
    Happy New Year....
    Jone (

  8. Congrats to you & thank you so much! Fun reading your 7 things. I totaly agree about the pjs too :)

  9. If you saw me in my blues you'd say that "all Marines are hot and beautiful in blues". But that's true I was in love with the uniform before I began to cherish the values ;-)

    Congrats, my darling, you are stylish indeed!


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