Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Men, you can't make um do nothing man........

Oh, this has got to be a quick post because Sweet Man is gone right now to get a hair cut. The kids are on the mountain with their Mom at the snow play area. The dogs are sunning themselves on the back porch cuz it's cold out there. And..............I am alone, well except for the damnable cat who is cleaning himself. lickalickalicka.

Sweet Man is of the species: testosterone impario, genus: I put it off as long as I can. I know there are some of you out there (and I hate you to pieces) who have husbands who just do the things that need to be done around the house and just do it. Mine, not so much. I should have had a wedding shower prior to marrying SM and I could have asked for all manner of motivation tools (besides my drill sergeant voice, which is also known as my school teacher voice). You know like a whip and chair, thumb screws, hot seat. This man is...........well shhhhhhhh lazy, forgetful and can procrastinate better than anyone I know.

Now when it comes to work, oh sweet heavens above, don't stand in his way cuz he's all about getting the job done. He is such a Nervous Nelly not wanting to be late, or not getting something done just right, or goodness knows he couldn't put something off at work. But at home.....duh duh duh.

At our first house, we had a sink in the laundry room that for the entire 9 years we lived there didn't work. He didn't get around to fixing it until we put the house on the market. They got a working sink!!!!! At our last house, he put in counter tops in the kitchen but never caulked along the back up next to the wall, until we put it on the market to sell it. The new owner had a very nice kitchen when we left. We almost killed each other trying to put up crown molding. It's one of those inside, outside, upside down thinking kinda things anyway but just like putting up wall paper with a spouse, should be against the law. Well it is in all the states that start with E.

He is a wonderful husband, makes me laugh (sometimes because otherwise I'd be slitting his cute little throat), is a terrific father, grandfather, provider and is my best friend but hell's bells ya'll.....ya gotta slap him to get his attention when you ask him to do stuff at home. And if I say, "oh, I'll get someone hired to do it". He always says, oh that's gonna cost alot and I can do it myself. Yes, but will I get to enjoy it or will the new owners?????????

Just saying.............gotta go and have some fun on my own. Bye lovelies.


  1. Lol, my mum and I did the decorating when I was growing up. It once took my dad 3 YEARS to notice we'd painted the kitchen. Yep, he's always really anxious to get on those sorts of jobs too ;o) Me, I have to DIM (do it myself) as there is no-one else (violin out now please ;o) )

  2. I've got a perfectionist husband. When I ask him to hang a simple 5X7 picture.....He has to get a level, stud finder (I keep telling him I'm a perfectly good stud finder but he just rolls his eyes) and his hanging pictures hammer.

    When it's time to paint, I go on vacation because the last time we painted together a divorce lawyer was consulted (granted, I worked for her....but still, I wanted to hang his ass).

    Sooooo, the grass isn't always greener, however, all men are a PITA in their own way aren't they.

  3. I HEAR YA! nuff said. don't get me started.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Lazy, can live with anything. But at least as soon as I have some piece of work ready for his part he jumps right on it. But stuff around home? Fugeddaboudit.

  5. He seems to have way more pluses than minuses--is there a way you can not mention it, hire it done and just never tell him??

  6. That is a cute post. Sometimes I have to think is it better to have a yes honeydew man or a man who likes to keep the blood pressure raised a little. I think I like that bad boy one a little better! Even though I might have to nag once in awhile!

  7. I found the secret - since we lost TV in June Pooldad has used his weekends to do stuff around the house. It has been awesome. :D It's the only thing I can thank Comcas* for.

    Now that it is back, not a thing. :(

    Try it. It might work.

  8. Hahahahaha The plight of most women!!
    I don't think my DH has ever taken the trash out. It would be overflowing and onto the kitchen floor and he still would not see it...
    He eventually does the things that need done ~ I just have to keep reminding him. If he doesn't get to them, I do them because I can't stand the waiting.
    ♥ audrey

  9. Mine has selective hearing...If someone else asked, he would hop to it, fall over himself getting it done. With me, his defense is, you didn't ask me!

  10. I like my man quiet, hush hush like.:)) Of course he has been known to fly off the handle. lol Not really. He is quiet, controlled, kind and gentle. I'm the one who needs training. hehehehe

  11. Shhhhhh.... please don't tell anyone, okay? I have the best husband in the whole world, but my sweet man and your Sweet Man? They sound like twins separated at birth. Seriously. Down to every last detail.

    You made me laugh out loud. :)

  12. Oh Lord, your SM and my SM must share a brain or they're closely related. I'm the maintenance person in this family and if I can't do it, he'll hire some "Chuy" to do it for practically nothing and then hire someone who can really do the job, like his youngest son who is quite capable, but like his father, very forgetful!! oey vey!!

    Thankfully, I got the tools in my divorce and little did I think my revenge on the ex would turn out to be a necessity in my next marriage...damn!!

    Well, regardless, we still love 'um and couldn't see our lives with them, little foibles and all!! We gots us a couple of good guys!

    Loves ya,

  13. Thank you soooo much for making me laugh! I could really use one of your funny storys :-)
    BIG HUG from the Netherlands

  14. Oh girl, I am still laughing! My husband, who is a rare treat at being very self aware, often says, "Now you know when you want something done, you have to let me know...and then remind me often."


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