Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The mountains have snow..............

but down here in the city, not so much. The kids are so disappointed with the mid 50's temps and no snow. But all that changed when they went to the Sandia mountains to play.

Shelley got them inflatable sled thingies and off they went. GK once again put stars on her chart as being Danger Jane. Started off slowly but was speeding down the hill, in and out of other people and all this looked like she was playing one of her Wii games.

Ry was tentative to begin with, gained some confidence and had a great, albeit not as fast as Sissy, time.....until the tree reached out and grabbed his coat sleeve and spun him down the rest of the incline. He looked like a little red top spinning away. When the sled came to a halt he stood up, said "I'm fine but I've had enough", and proceeded to play near the car, building a city.
We are expecting some moisture tomorrow, but I should imagine it will skip us as it has most of the winter. That means I'll be out in the coolness, watering my garden and hoping the spring has more moisture to give us here in the city. Be well lovelies.


  1. Oh they are so adorable!! Doesn't take much to make kids happy does it?

  2. You at least get snow up in the mountains...we have "nada!!" However, you are located in the high desert, unlike us low-landers!! It's going to be friggin' 72 today...that blows, or rather, my nose will blow...here comes the sinus caca again!!!

    Well, instead of going into a rant, I'm going to take my buttocks into the kitchen and make some spaghetti sauce..haven't made any from scratch in years...probably before my divorce!! Yikes...it's time!! Have a great day, my friend and stay warm...er dry!!

    Loves ya,

  3. ~ah...love seeing pics of them!!! there is nothing like a bit of snow play to brighten ones day...it has been nothing but rain here for days...and i mean days...honestly have no idea how long it has actually been raining...i long to be out in my garden once more...be well and much love light and blessings upon you and yours~

  4. "Watering my garden" show off! I don't have a garden and if I had one it would frozen ;-( Well that is not entirely true, I have a few plants by my window and that is more than enough for a New York City Witch ;-)

  5. How exciting Linda. Looks like a lot of fun. When my son lived there, he always mentioned the Sandia mountains. We don't need to water over here, everything is still very wet. Take care, thanks for sharing your fun time.

  6. We have NO snow and won't get any snow because it's just too far south. I miss it so much, especially this year when people who ordinarily don't get snow, are having it, except for me....I am not a happy camper!!! I feel excluded! LOL

  7. With 49 states with snow I am not surprised. We had an ice storm last night and they closed school - that was awesome. YAY - but we can't play in it - too slippery.

    Did I see a complaint about 72 degree weather - I always thought that was the perfect temp. I am sure a lot of people would want that in lieu of what we have now [20s and below].

    The kids look like they had a great time, but I am with Ry - I would been done too. heehee

  8. Still hoping for a really good snow here. I'd be just like the kids and would love to go sliding on an inflatable sled. Have to look for one of those.
    Ry really had an adventure. He definitely is a boy who knows when enough is enough.

  9. Glad they had fun, but I can see that being spun like a top down a mountain might put you off wanting to repeat the experience again too quickly!

  10. What fun!! And where is the photo of YOU sliding down the mountain???
    I watched the fairy video. OMG, such a tiny little winged thing. It can make a person a believer! Forget the "grasshopper" theory. I'm liking what I think I see!!
    ♥ audrey

  11. Danger Jane! What a fabulous name and your little Ry makes my heart smile. Those children are so vibrant and beautiful.

    Truth be told, I wouldn't have appreciated the tree grabbing me either.

  12. The kids faces definitely show their delight with the snow. Brought back memories of when I was a kid, I loved the snow and playing in it. These days I would just as soon have it stay away. Maybe I need to work on being a kid again.


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