Friday, January 21, 2011

Tasty talent...........

So I was cruising Etsy and found some of the most remarkable shops to get "stuff". You know the kind that you buy to make a specific project. Or in my case, to occupy a specific container so that you can be surprised when you open it and there is yet something else you know you won't finish in your lifetime.

I love looking, but that's all I do now. Because I need to sell some of my own goodies that are guilt inducing items that I bought in my former life. The life where I imagined there would never be an ending to the amount of time, talent and space to do it all. But guess what......I got a handle....well sorta....on my problem.

You see, I now know that I don't have limitless time, I do have talent, but there ain't much room here at Casa de Cuckoo to leave projects in progress out for the cat to throw up on, the dog to climb on my work bench and secret away only to be found in the backyard or find that Ry thought it was pretty and has added it to his "crow's nest". You know crows like sparkly things and most everything I do is sparkly. At least my birthday twin Ry has good taste. Or maybe I should say my work tastes good. tee hee.

This is my avatar for Omalinda's Practically Magickal
  So next week, I am listing my fabulous destash (sniff, sniff, whimper) on Etsy at super duper, lower than low prices. Beads, findings, fabric, yarn, paper, embelishments and whole project assortments. As my family would tell you, Linda's Lobby is holding a big ol sale starting January 21st. Come check out OmaLinda at Etsy. I'm also posting my Frida Kahlo, loteria, Guadalupe, "not quite right" Valentoonies.


  1. so Ry is a little crow huh? Me too! LOL! I collect soooo much stuff that i can hardly turn my bud around in this mousehole were i live :-( I've been trying to sell some of it on (marketplace) It sells for a nickle and a dime,but at least it creates more holes in the cheese.
    I try to be funny like you,hehehe!
    xoxox Donna

  2. Oh goodie!!! Can't wait to see what wonderful stuff you'll be offering. I haven't been to shop's doors are still shut tight and don't want to be tempted by all that wonderful stuff!

    The "sparkly" reference and your love of "sending away," reminds me of my wonderful Pop. Many years ago, we took our older 2 kiddos to see some Disney escapes me now, but I recall Don Deluise was the voice of the crow character. He loved "sparklies!" My father loved to "send away" for stuff...all kinds of stuff, shoes, slacks, watches, back scratchers, you name it, he sent away for it..the guy loved all those crappy catalogs, you know the type...sell postage name tags, elastic back straighteners, etc. So we began calling his "finds" sparklies! The night he passed away, my mother gave me his gold watch, one of his catalog sparklies...used to kid him about it since it was a woman's watch, but he insisted I was full of was a MAN'S watch!! LOL That piece of crap watch is one of my most prized's beyond the value of gold!

    Love ya,

  3. Doesn't that seem to be a modern day problem? Never quite enough time or room. Ah well...

    I'm with RY. I love the sparkly things and would probably take them to my nest as well. Your little "crow" is a delight to my heart.

    Now I'm off to see your sales! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  4. Good luck with destashing, I have found it a hard thing to accomplish as I hate to part with something I just might use.

  5. i will have to take a look, good luck with your sale!

  6. I can't go look, I need to do some serious destashing myself. If I didn't now better, I'd swear I lived with a bunch of magpies!


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