Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow, really.......?

Sweet Man is just that, a sweet man, however he is like all of his kind, testosterone impaired. Have you ever noticed if you tell a male you have a problem, they want to fix it? If you tell a female you have a problem, often times it's more of a brain storming kinda interaction. I have some female friends who are much like my Aunt Sue was. The show me the hole and I'll tell you all about it kinda gals but grains of salt are the necessary items with know it alls anyway. But men.....well they just wanna fix it and forget about it.

We are like so many in the country these days, having to cut back on our expenses. Things we used to take for granted being able to have, are not necessities but luxuries now. Habits we thought would be hard to break are in fact harder than we thought in some cases (but I like coffeebucks). Eating meals out has become a thing of the past, except a couple of times a month instead of the weekly we used to do. And it's a good thing there are blogs out there teaching about how to economize and make your own food items that are costly. I really have learned to do alot of cooking from scratch where the cost is just a drop in the bucket compared to buying the bucket.

So enter the internet/phone/TV provider rate hike of 6 months ago and again 3 months ago and then on this bill. Yikes. I almost swallowed my heart when I read the amount they wanted. So, my bad. I said some explatives out loud and Sweet Man overheard and asked what was wrong and I told him. Yep, I'm an idiot. I actually gave him the keys to the kingdom of "I'll fix-it". Never fear, your man is here!!!!!!!!

Last time this happened it was car insurance and he went on the internet and got quotes.......well actually what we really got was, calls from insurance companies from here to Zanzabar nightly and this was 17 months ago when he began that Windmill combat thing. Anyway, he found us a way to save money. My butt cheeks clenched at the words. But I smiled. "Really honey, how"? Blah, blah, blah and then they will, blah, blah and they will be here tomorrow to install it. "Oh shit".

And sure enough, two testosterone impaired human beings showed up to install IT. Our crawl space access door is in the closet in the office................and of course there was not a preplan on the part of my HONEY. So while the installers watched, SM pulled out all the crap in the office closet. Then he followed them through the house, under the house, on the roof, the entire 3 hours they were here. Because of the install, they ran telephone cord from every TV to the central whatthehellever, I said nothing. There were cords going every which way down the hall across the front get it. I calmly asked how long those cords would be there for the kids to trip over, the dogs to nibble on and the cat to have a field day with and they said.....with their mouths.......out loud for God and everyone else to hear.....wait for it..............ONLY 48 HOURS. Sweet Judas in the garden.....shoot me now!!!! That was in my head. On the outside I turned to SM and said..."honey, I think you're gonna need a whole lot of duct tape". Sweet Man cringed.

So the semi humans came to have the purchaser of the good deal to sign the paperwork. They explained the two year commitment and SM looked like he had been shot.....what? two years? but I don't remember that part in the reading I did when I ordered it online? Be that as it may. We're stuck for two years.....really SM?

So now, I have a thing on the roof, no phone service and when we went to return the equipment to the rate raiser cable company they didn't explain to SM that he needed to call them when we got back home today so that they could activate the internet. So scurry is another thing that I didn't know that SM could do, but damn he can and did and said, "See honey, I didn't interrupt your computer time very long".

You know when they know what is important, you just have to smile and give them the atta boy look and wink.

He is my Sweet Man................urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Smile Linda it's only two years.


  1. from the fire into the frying pan - a good deal is rarely good for us, only for THEM!

    Just be careful with all those wires - don't trip and break something or else your "good deal" will be even worse!

  2. Oh, Linda, I am laughing. Not at you, my friend, at the situation. Actually, at your description of the situation. Only you can write humor into a story that had to have you clenching your fists, your jaws, every muscle in your body.
    I hope all goes well with this. Like you said ~ it's only two years.
    Hugs on the way to NM !!
    ♥ audrey

  3. Hi Linda,
    Man I love reading your blog posts. They truly brighten my day even through your adversity you manage to make it sound funny.

  4. Funny telling of a sad story. I could actually hear your teeth grit. I do hope after all that, it is a cheaper and better service sans visible cords. Lots of throw rugs maybe??

  5. I am the price checker arranger and Denny is the fixer. We try not to get in each other's way with this arrangement although each of us has been known to meddle a bit at random times. For us, it works...usually. But I feel your pain.

  6. I grew up with 5 boys, then went into the military to train hundreds of boys... I was surrounded by "I can figure this out", "Watch this", "Bet you can't do this" and disasters. Yep, one of those "Watch theses" put the a 45 inch on my chest.

    Guys are fabulously dangerous lol

  7. Oh Linda, I am laughing at the description and wincing at the "deal". I am lucky My SM wants to change something he has me do the research and ordering, which is a good thing as I actually read the fine print.

  8. lol.... been there. Though to 'fess up, I was the perp - years ago, when small satellite dishes were first coming out, I got very mad at the cable provider (down for hours every month, and a really nasty office manager with a 'whatcha gonna do about it' attitude). I yelled at her to get someone out to take their crap away - we were never going to pay them another dime. And THEN realized I hadn't thought about alternatives. Fortunately, there was an old antenna on the house (didn't know it was even there) and I told my then-husband when he got home, 'good news! You know those dishes you've been drooling over? I decided we should get, today!"

    And because they were brand new on the market, we paid about 10 times more than we should have for it. Oi.

  9. Oh dear. Uhhh sweetie, there is an unwritten rule for us little fragile women. Do not let the Man Thing near anything that he has screwed up in the past, present, or anytime in the future. This way things will not catch fire, you will not lose anytime spent in the ER because he lost a digit or any other part of his body, and you will not lose the entire savings account because someone told your man in an email that he could make millions by helping to transfer some money for an ambassador of a war torn third world country. David only did two of those things. I'm watching for the stupid email.

  10. Men.

    That's all I got.

  11. Lol, oh boy I can I feel you guys on the cable/phone/internet bundle fees. We dropped our home phone entirely and were going to drop cable as well (we watch a lot of movies on Netflix and don't watch much TV) but they offered my own SM in training a deal so now we have cable with none of the channels we actually did watch and are stuck with it for 2 years unless we want a to pay a fee!

    At least they didn't have to come run cables and wires all through the apartment, so I suppose there's a silver lining here!

  12. They are only trying to help after all.

    Mine gives me advice that I don't ask for and don't want and then get snippy when I don't take it.

  13. Tell your sweet man that I love him;)
    He is like my Skating Monkey, very human!
    Love to you all

  14. Don't get me started. Just know I feel your pain - not with hubs, but with the cable company.


  15. I'm still laughing! Sweet he wanted to "fix" the problem but......

  16. Ahh, and these are the times I'm glad it's entirely up to me, myself and I what TV I have, internet provider and phone provider, plus I argued a deal on my new 'Sky HD box' (kind of a DVR satellite all in one thingummy to you guys) just after Christmas all by myself. Very occasionally my dad has offered advice. I think I've listened..... errrr...... nope, never lol My mum now asks me stuff like this so she can bypass him 'helping' altogether and present a fait acomplis ;o)

  17. Oh Linda - Bless your heart. I know this situation is no laughing matter but your portrayal had me snickering aloud. I think it is so funny because I can certainly relate to the "Oh Honey, I'll fix it," testosterone boast that always ends up with me partly loving him more for all his efforts and yet...wanting to strangle him with my little bare hands.

  18. LOL!!!! Your post had me in stitches! Every word of it was spot-on!

    Thanks for sharing :)



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