Monday, February 28, 2011

Countdown to OZ ..... 18 days

To whom was this quote directed? "Help us out today and find yourself a place where you won't get into any trouble".

As a kid, I was afraid Flying Monkeys were real and was frightened of them. As an adult, I wish I had a couple. They'd come in mighty handy.

The answer is Auntie Em speaking to Dorothy.


  1. We will have to watch the movie on Oz day in your honor - but I can still guess every line we have seen it so many times. Love the movie.

    Wish I was crafty I would join your lovelies. I should probably let Wallene do it - she loves the movie too.

  2. Monkeys have always (and still do) creep me out. I'd prefer a few gargoyles - if I had the choice!

  3. Hi Linda.
    Just stopping by to say "hello". I hope all is well with your world. I am crazed, behind on everything, and have company again for a week. Such is life. I guess it is best to be busy.
    I hope GK is doing well. I think of her often.
    Take care.
    ♥ audrey

  4. Hi Linda. Just stopping by to say hello and hope all is well. I've been so busy, I'm trying to get caught up on posts but there is just not enough time in the day. Enjoy your Oz day. Take care.

  5. Oh to have my very own minions. *sigh*

  6. Oh those flying monkeys. My kids used to do a perfect imitation of them walking around to make me laugh and it worked every time. I'm with you, sister. I wouldn't mind having a couple myself. They'd be great in Walmart, wouldn't they?

  7. Hahahaha...seems everyone was afraid of those flying monkeys...not I...used to scare the bajeebers out of my bro, Fred, when we were kids. Told him once that if he ate that last flour tortilla the maid had just made, flying monkeys were going to come out of his buttocks!!! I'm terrible and paying for it know what they say about Karma!!

    Have a good one, mi amiga.

    Loves ya,


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