Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I musta zigged when I should have zagged..................

This is a strange feeling...typing on another's computer. I am so used to my olde safe place spot to type and read and now because of some "thang" that has happenedd to my olde bestest buddy computer I am having to use SM's. Ick, damn, snivel.

My computer has decided to just shut down when it damn well pleases. Right in the middle of what I am trying to do. Of course it may not have a choice. I guess I could have picked up a bug traveling around the internet. I sure hope not cuz our church mice financial situation means I'll have to just make do.

You know what a make do is right? It's a cute primitive, grungy something or other. Or what you do when bashing and smacking something doesn't make it do what you want.....tee hee. And computers don't respond well to snits or fits or take downs........so

I guess I will be relegated to only blogging every twice in a while, not on a daily basis. But be assured I will pick a winner of the doo dad that I made for Danni's February Fairy Fun and announce it on Friday. Maybe by then I'll have made the computer feel guilty for keeping me away from one of my obsessions and the sweet darling bit and bite sharing electronic habit forming thing will have stopped having a case of slacking  off.

The kids think it is a jealous troll that came into the computer room and took up residence in the computer. I think I went to one too many free graphics sites.

XOXO, I'll announce the winner on Friday.............


  1. It might be a blessing in disguise - when my computer was on the fritz for a while, I enjoyed the relief I got for not feeling obligated to blog - blogging every day stresses me out!

    I hope you can find some extra time for other things you equally enjoy!

    All the best and I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday!

  2. oh those evil computer trolls. must have some spyware or some such.

  3. Oh thats the worst! I had my laptop die on my this summer. I hadn't realized how much I loved it until it was gone :(

  4. It sure does sound like a bug. You need to make friends with a nice geeky young teenager who would love to tackle your computer just for the fun of it.
    Good luck.

  5. computer issues what fun.. I feel you.. hope it decides to be a good puter for you soon

  6. Oh you poor thing, that is just awful when our toys won't cooperate and play nice.

  7. Dang, I hope it's not contagious! You need the Geek squad, it sounds like. Hope it gets fixed soon. these beasts become like another limb for us, don't they.

  8. Oh Lord, I had one of those in '09 and it stole everything, the little snit-snot!! If you don't hear from me, you know I'll be doing Las Vegas..NV, not NM!!! hahahahahaha!!! Spent a month their one night many years ago!! Got out alive!!!

    Have a great one, my very crazy amiga and please take care of that troll....they can be mean when wounded!!

    Love ya and the chivos send their love,

  9. Oh I truly hate to hear that. Computer gremlins are such turds!

    I don't know how far yours is along but when I started having trouble with mine, I downloaded a free anti-virus program and it cleaned whatever was going on out. If you are interested, and it's not too late, here is the link -



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