Saturday, February 12, 2011

In preparation for V day.......

"not quite right" spring faery heart and heart cone
I have changed my mind about giving myself a Valentine present.........well I didn't change my mind, circumstances have changed and so I am taking myself out for lunch.

cupcake boxes with bath salts for teachers
I sure hope I don't disappoint me with a bad choice of restaurant and conversation. You know how you kinda do but don't want to go with that certain someone who always knows what you're about. It would be nice just once to be surprised by something that is being said or done or thought or planned. But I'm stuck with who I am so I guess I'll RSVP and tell the Olde Bagg it's on and to pick me up at 10:30 so we can do the usual and go by the bank for money and head on down to her favorite place to grab an early lunch. That way we can hear ourselves talk.
this cupcake is mine to add to the Valentoonie decos
Yep, lovelies, I've been reduced to dating myself, if I have any hope for alone time. tee hee.....gosh I wish this was April Fool's so you wouldn't be ordering the men in white coats to meet me at The Range Cafe on Monday at noonish. Ta


  1. I went out this morning to buy myself a Valentine's gift. It was kind of fun.

  2. I'm my best company : )

  3. Gee, Linda, I would love to join you for lunch. I'm sure we would find plenty to talk about since we don't know each other well. But, alas, I know I can't make it to NM by noon on Monday!
    I sometimes go to lunch by myself. That way I can go where I want, eat what I want, and the conversation is always perfect!! hahaha
    Your cupcakes are a pretty addition to your Valentine decor!!
    ♥ audrey

  4. Hm, I haven't thought about doing anything for myself for Valentine's Day. I think I'll take myself out too. I don't a lot meat. I can't remember the last time I did... but I've been craving a nice steak with sweet potato, and a nice piña colada. I know it's cold as hell, but hey my tastes buds and tummy don't understand the weather.

    Enjoy your date!

  5. I bought myself some Hydrangea's, mainly because I love them and I knew I wouldn't get those for V/Day. We are headed to the casino, to Red Lobster, and exchanging cards. I buy him gift certs at his favorite tool place. Whatever you do Linda, have a great day.

  6. I'm sure you will be a fun date. Vday, another holiday I prefer to ignore.

  7. I would cherish alone time for a valentine.

    Enjoy yours!

  8. You are such a delight! My dear friend, you may be the best company you know. At least you will have intelligent conversation throughout your meal with no big surprises. ;-)

  9. Sometimes there's no better date than yourself. Enjoy your lunch...don't forget to order the best thing on the menu!

  10. My Hubby is not a romantic. I AM, and I go about getting all the goodies and "Whatever" I want... I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your cupcakes, they are TOO CUTE!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us,
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. what a wonderful idea to treat yourself this valentines hmmm i think i may have to start treating myself come next year or maybe a little treat right now :) hmmm yes i may just go and pamper myself while ive got the place to myself. enjoy your little treat :) x x
    I love your heart goodies esspecialy the cupcakes can i come?

  12. Ah, The Range; good food and flying cows, a combination that's hard to beat! What a great gift to yourself--time alone with your thoughts. At least you have fabulous company!

    word vert: unstsop. When the Old Bagg gets going she's unstsoppable!

  13. I'm guessing your date will be perfect. Love the cupcakes and the teachers are very lucky. Valentine's will probably bring a nice outing to Border's or Barnes and Noble with my sis and dinner out with DH.

  14. I will find a box of candy attached to my gate when I wake up, I have a secret admirer, but the rest is up to me.
    Don't forget to order a sinful dessert. Definitely a day to splurge.

  15. You do whatcha' gots to do!! LOL I love giving myself gifts, for no reason at all!!! Of course, they're usually in the form of a CD, book or art supplies!!

    Your teacher gift reminds me of all those years I was a room mother and did all kinds of fun stuff for the kids and teachers. When Andria, or was it Joel....hmmm, can't remember anymore, I made a Valentine cookies tree. I made the sugar cookies, then painted them with food colouring...I think I first applied a coat of egg yokes, but I wouldn't do that now!! Do they have powdered egg yokes!! Anyway, I made a hole, looped ribbon and then hung them up on some branches I had from my Globe Willow from outside. They were wonderful...even came out in the yearbook that year.

    So, have fun, my friend, and ya know if we lived lots closer, we'd be spending those lunches together....and they'd be l-o-n-g ones!!

    Loves ya,

  16. Lol, I've treated me to a great valentine's day so far, a couple of bears and some new clothes from the new outdoor shop that opened next to the office :o)


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