Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New month, new passions, new finds

For those of us that celebrate the sun and moon's influences upon this blue orb, Happy mid winter, Imbolc. Blessings and salutations.

Happy 1st of February. It's snowing like crazy here. School's closed and we're staying warm.
The month of February is special to me because my sweet daughter's birthday is this month. And all those years ago, just before she was born was the coldest that Albuquerque had ever been since they started recording the weather data. It got to -13 degrees. The reason I knew it was cold is because I was 8+ months pregnant and had no coat that fit over my very rotund belly. Mama, it was cold.

February is also a trickster month here in NM. We just had 60 degree weather day before yesterday and today it will reach a high of 26 degrees with 2 inches of snow on the ground and more predicted. Yep it's usually this way in Feb. But it sure makes you appreciate the warm days in the midst of the cold ones. Remember we are in the middle of winter, no matter how much we want to see the spring pop her head out and yell.....okay it's all clear now.
And now we come to the passion part....Valentine's day.....no way....yes way. I love Valentine Day because I make it a point to be my very own valentine and get me something special. A day in which I do for me come hades or high water. This year I am going to get me something I've never had before. And I am going to keep it a secret until I can tell you everything my dears.

Now to the new finds. My deariest friend Danni from The Whimsical Cottage is celebrating February by having a posting each day of Feb. in honor of faeries. Not only the fluttering, gossamer fae but also all manner of fae, gnomes, elves, sprites etc. So I went looking on Etsy, which has been very, very good to me as of late with the selling of my "not quite right" hearts. I found a remarkable maker of faery paraphalia and I asked her permission to share her creations and Etsy address with you. I just absolutely wish for all, I mean every creation in her shop. Her name is Diane and her shop is Pandorajane And this is a picture of what made me fall in love at first sight.
I will be posting my contribution to The Whimsical Cottage February Faery on  February 14th.....go figure. It's part of the something wonderful for myself.


  1. what a seriously cute wagon! Feb 14 is our mid-year anniversary.

  2. I simply love your little valentines youve made... they are so you... and the fairy wagon... what a gorgeous thing.... thank you so for sharing with us

  3. That wagon is so beautifully intricate and the imagination - wow!

    Can't wait to see your surprise and your contribution.

  4. Like your idea of buying your own gift. Who knows you better? You will show us I hope.
    That wagon is just awesome.

  5. Happy Mid Winter to you as well! You and I must be on the same weather path as it is as fluctuating here in Tennessee and it is in Mexico.

    What a sweet February story on your daughter. I can just visualize you as a new mommy tugging a coat to fit your unborn baby.

    I love your "not quite right" hearts. They are so unique and I a so glad etsy has served you well. I can't wait to see your fairy contribution the 14th!

  6. Dear Linda!

    Go ahead and find the best Valentine gift ever!
    You are really worth it!!!!!
    Take care of you and keep warm, give my favorite little girl a huge hug from me!

  7. Yes, i can tell about februari! As you know,my bday is the 12th. I remember when i was little,it was always snowing or freezing badly that the kids from school didnt come to my bday party :-( It was too slippery on the roads and dangerous.
    Well, now i also dont celebrate it. Its a long story.... but i like to celebrate it with my bunch of dear American friends on the internet :-)

  8. Dark of the moon. I look forward to seeing what your self valentine gift will be. I should do that for myself other wise I will not get any other.


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