Saturday, February 19, 2011

What were you doing 40 years ago?

Do you know what some of the top songs that were being played 40 years ago?  I do.

Here's a listing of the ones I loved that came out in 1971.
John Lennon - Imagine
Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee
Rod Stewart - Maggie May
Santana - Black Magic Woman
Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary
Three Dog Night - Joy to the World
Marvin Gay - What's Goin' On?
James Taylor - You've got a Friend
The Doors - Riders on the Storm
Cat Stevens - Moon Shadow
The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
The Carpenters - Close to You
And Michelle Leigh my sweet baby girl, my best accomplishment and my partner in all crimes since, was born at 1:27 am on February 20, 1971.

The morning after having given birth to Shelley in the hallway all by ourselves with no help from another human being, I was in my room waiting to see my baby and on the radio Karen Carpenter was singing Close to You......."on the day that you were born, the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true.". So the song goes. After finding the glasses that the gestapo army nurse had put in someone else's room and a very long 12 hours after she was born, I got to see my angel up close. She was (and is) the most amazing human I had ever seen. Long beautiful fingers, a tiny turned up nose and she smelled like heaven on earth. There have been times when I have lost track of that feeling but not for long, I assure you.

Shelley, I adore you, always have, always will.....Just you and me kid....just like Helen Reddy sang only a few years later.

So I guess it was worth it to leave Capt. James T. Kirk and the adorable Mr. Spock to figure out the end of that nights TV dilemna to go to the Army Base hospital and have the most remarkable experience of my life. Giving birth to an angel.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.


  1. Happy Birthday, Michelle Leigh.

    My what a memory you have. All those songs. Oh, those were the days that music was music.

  2. I knew you must have given birth in an army hosptial!! I too, had my first child in an army hospital (in Hawaii) and it was horrific, except for the beautiful gift of a sweet baby girl (Feb 28 1986). And I do know all those songs, I graduated from high school in 1970 (shhhhh, dont give away my age!) A great list of songs you have there! Blessings from Robin.

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Shelly.

    Love to you!

    [and OB wish I had known today I would have worked up the lung-age to sing. giggle]

  4. Linda what a lovely post. Happy Birthday to Shelly. I know all the songs, good taste in music, be well my friend think of you often. hugs

  5. What really sweet memories of life's greatest miracle. How appropriate those words were.
    Happy Birthday Shelley.

  6. awwwww, you really are a big ol softie aren't you!

    Happy Birthday Shelley!

  7. Um... I was still swimming 40 years ago ;-D

    Happy birthday Shelley! And happy Creatress day to you Linda!

  8. Lovely post, Happy Birthday Shelley. ou brought back some memories for me also. It was a trying year for me, but also a miracle filled year.

  9. Such a sweet post! Your daughter has a great mom!!

  10. ~i wish i could say what i was doing some 40 years ago...but i think i must admit i was not even a thought in any ones mind...hehehe...

    a priceless moment you haev shared...written with much love and beauty shining so brightly...the gift of a words can ever amount to the love one feels...a beautiful blessings to your child... another year...may you walk in only overflowing in your days...moments and memories upon you that you will always remember...brightest birthday wishes and happy birth day to you my dear friend...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon each of you this day and always~

  11. Happy birthday to your Michelle! Those were great days! I was just finishing high school and joining the world in flower power. The music was amazing! ....changed my life ....and I know it changed yours too! Congrats and have a wonderful celebration!

  12. Happy birthday dear Shelley!
    I bet your momma Linda is giving you a wonderfull day :-)
    xoxoxo Donna from the Netherlands/Holland/Froggytown

  13. Your love for your daughter spills from each word and filled me with warmth. A very happy birthday to Shelley!

  14. Happy birthday to your little girl. My parents had just met and I wasn't even a twinkle (sorry!)

  15. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Yay!!


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