Friday, February 18, 2011

Wow, it's been a long, long time since I sat down to blog......

Hello my lovelies. I see from your posts that you have gotten past the nastiness and splendor of Vday.

I also see that many of you are getting signs of winter moving her old frozen butt cheeks down the road and letting the nubile Snow White singing spring nymph move closer. It's amazing how olde broads fight off the change that is more ways than one.

I've been busy making things for my Etsy shop and taking down red, pink and white and putting up gold, green and purple. Mardi Gras ya'll. Now Fat Tuesday is a holiday I can get behind and enjoy. Food, fun and maybe a praline after red beans and rice.

Actually, since Mardi Gras is a date changeable holiday, because of the timing of Lent, Mardi Gras often times comes right about my daughter's birthday or close to. So poor baby for years has had Naw'lins food for her BD celebration. Having thoroughly rotted her brains.......she loves her some cajun cuisine and so we are making her red beans and rice.....this year we are using the quick red beans and rice recipe from Deep South Dish, cuz Mary says it's good and "hush my mouth" there is no way a southern lady from Mississippi would lie to me. And GK has it in her mind to fix a Red Velvet cake for her Momma so we will be using the recipe we got from Judith at Merlin's Magical Mistress  for that luscious concotion, cuz "thank the gods" there's no way a sweet witchy lady would lie to me.

And no, I did not forget about my promise of giving away the piano paper faery medallion. I put your names in my desk top cauldron and the name that was selected was..................Donna of So Dark So Cute. I've got your address dear one and will ship this out to you the first of the week when I am free from the grands. Maybe I'll have them draw something to send along with the medallion. Congratulations Ms. Donna.

So there you have it. My computer stays up for about 1.5 hours and then just goes to sleep. So I don't trust it anymore. I was paying my bills online and the damn thing got sleepy and well hells bells. So I  am just using Sweet Man's when it is available. This is like the car thing, when everyone else here at Casa de Cuckoo drove one (one of which was mine) and I stayed home without one......we get spoiled to having our own and when we have to wait on the schedule of someone else to borrow their "things", it sure is a good thing I am good at waiting to share (said with a forced smile on my face).

The count down begins tonight.................only 28 days until Celebrate OZ.


  1. I feel your pain of waiting to use the computer. Oftentimes, I must wait to use my own dear Midnight (my laptop) as my hubby likes the games that he downloaded on it (grrrr!) anyhoo, have a great time with your Mardi Gras foods!!!

  2. May I sign up to join in your Celebrate Oz fest?? Sounds like fun!!! Robin.

  3. Red beans and rice, sounds really good. Myself I think I will make some yummy Louisiana Seafood Gumbo.

  4. I have never celebrated, decorated or even thought about Mardi Gras but I say, "Why not?!" One can never have too many holidays, now can they?

    Congratulations to the lucky Donna! It will be a double treat if those precious grandchildren send her drawings as well.

  5. bring a piece of that red velvet cake to the garden and leave it on the table for the next time I get my butt over there... hopefully it will still be moist... take care dear...

  6. Oh My!!I was just about going to sleep,but wanted to read your post first... I almost fell of my chair when i saw my name ;-) hehehe!
    Thank you so much! And yes, i would love to have a drawing of the kids!


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