Thursday, March 3, 2011

Countdown to Celebrate OZ ..... day 15

"Now you go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia", Auntie Em. There's a practical, pragmatic, to the point, no nonsense woman.

Auntie Em in the movie Wizard of Oz was quite a different character than she was in the books or plays or original movies for that matter. But she wasn't the only one. If you are not familiar with the screen plays written about L. Frank Baum's works, or for that matter have never read his original books, then you wouldn't know that the movie we hold so dear in our hearts was not the first film endeavor and is ever so different from what L Frank Baum wrote all those years ago. Of course I think a lot has to do with the time in which the books, screenplays and movies were written.

A good modern day example for you is Disney's Lion King. Based on a traditional African tribal story, but loosely, made into a film, then a stage play and now there are adaptations of the Lion King in theme parks in Las Vegas, a Broadway show, etc. All are about a similar thread of information but not given to the public in the same manner.

So very much like the 20 something of us coming together to give our perspective on the Wonderfulness of OZ, each will have our own interpretation.  I can hardly wait. This now is truly and international bloggie party (multi continental) and I'm thrilled for us.

There is still time to become part of the first annual Celebrate OZ on March 19. It doesn't have to be fancy, let's be practical....just like Auntie Em. The fun is in the sharing not the extravaganza after and I are not Dr. Marvel.