Sunday, March 6, 2011

Countdown to OZ ..... day 12

Who said, "Going so soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why my little party's just beginning"?

Yes of course, my favorite wickediest witch of the west. Poor thang. No one really understands why she is wickedy. Bless her cold black shriveled up heart, as Shelley would say. And we can all tell that the W Wof the W was not saved by the grace of southern charm. 

Jerry McGuire took a whole new slant in his writings on the green skinned witch who scared the bejebbers out of us when we were kids in his book Wicked and the follow up Son of a Witch. Then it went to Broadway and it really took a turn towards nothing to do with the books and very little to do with the movie Wizard of Oz......and I think that is wonderful.

There are so many possibilities, only limited by our own imaginations.

Who was Elphaba, Almira Gultch? Who is The Olde Bagg? Who are you....oh no that's from Alice in Wonderland, sorry, wrong reality.

All those questions and answers and more will be explored in only a dozen days..........CELEBRATE OZ,  I can hardly wait.

And for those of my witchy sistas who are put off by the movie that gave witch's a bad name......uh hello???????? It gave us the possibility of being bipolar in a legitimate sense and don't you forget it. LOL


  1. I think there are many realistic point about The Wizard of Oz. For instance, I've never believed that Glinda was a "good" as she was called. She was monopolizing magic and that isn't cool. If I were a witch living near her and having to exist under those rules, I had probably turned a bit wicked too, and a bit green with rage.

    And talking about bipolar witches, heard Perdita X Dream lately? lol

  2. Mwahahaha...Oh yes, I like this bi-polar thing. ;-)

  3. I can't remember a thing :-( Its been such a long long time ago.....
    I'm gonna google it up now and see what i can make ;-)


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