Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Countdown to OZ ..... day 16

Dr. Marvel said, "Frightened? Child, you're talking to a man who's laughed in the face of death, sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe. I was petrified."
I've only been petrified twice in my life.

The first time was when I was in college. I went to get into my car and there was a live snake on the drivers side of the front seat. I freaked out. But I couldn't move. I literally just could not get my feet to propel me where I wanted to be and that was anywhere except looking at a snake in my car.

I tasted adrenaline in my throat and then I "ran like the wind Bull'seye". The phrase that I had heard so many times in the movies of the 40's and 50's "feets don't fail me now", took on a whole new meaning. But the way, the snake had been put there by the frat boys next door. The world famous Sigma Chi knotheads. One of my sorority sisters who was dating one of the ding dongs got them to take the bull snake out of my car.......whew. I have not been frightened by a snake since and to be honest I had never been afraid before. Must just have been where my head was at the time.

The second time I was petrified was when I came home from grocery shopping with Shelley (she was a youngster)  and the door to my house was open. The handle of the front door was flat. There was blood on the porch and leading away down the sidewalk. I didn't notice it as we approached the house. When I pushed at the front door.....after a Saint Bernards Annabelle and Priscilla almost bit me. Then they realized it was me.

Obviously someone had taken channel  locks to the door knob, popped the lock, opened the door and got a handful of "big dog teeth". Bet they were surprised.

Speaking of surprised.............

With the kids living here, I see and have seen almost every kid movie that has come out in the past two years. Most are well......yeah. But I actually have a recommendation for you. If you get a chance to rent Despicable Me, do so. It is not anything like I thought it would be. It is not filled with one liners for adults and no plot but a stupid story for kids. It is a wonderfully entertaining movie with a great heart. And the people who did the voices were also a pleasant surprise. Cute, fun and heartwarming.........and Snow White was no where to be seen.


  1. That's why I am happy Spot and Scooby bark like mad if anyone comes close to our front door - someone would be a fool to try to get in here with them.

    Thanks for the heads up on Despicable Me - we missed that one. Sounds like a netflix night. :)

  2. the story of the snake. Personally, I'm not afraid of them, unless they have a rattle at the end of their tail!! My ex used to take care of a couple of snakes back when we were dating, one rattler, Bruno, and a escapes me now. But I used to go to the biology building with him at UTEP and help feed them. One day, I threw in the little white mouse for Bruno and he did what rattlers do, he bit it and waited for it to die, but then the python ate it...pendejo Bruno!! I was so ticked off at that python, as was Bruno!! Bruno went into attack mode and I thought he was going to bit that python, but he didn't!! I also loved those little Pecos Rat Snakes and Bull snakes...used to find them in my mother's garden when I was a kid....the rattlers were out in the desert and when we heard them, we'd slowly walk away...still do!! LOL

    We have that movie on our list with Netflix...can't wait to see it too, or I can just wait to see it when I go to Austin to visit the child and her children in a couple of weeks...I'm sure they have it by now!!

    Take care and loves ya,

  3. I love that you are celebrating Wizard of Oz. It's a big favorite of my grandbabies. I'll think about whether I have anything to contribute to the celebration.

  4. Well I would have been a gonner with the snake in the car. what kind of farm girl an I? Hugs to you.

  5. I loved Despicable Me, the minions were so cute and I just thought that littlest girl was such an adorable character. I even watched it with no kids is sight.

  6. My teens have both expressed interest in 'Despicable Me' the movie not my autobiography LOL, we'll try & watch on the weekend, I hadn't really been that keen so thx for the heads up!!
    Dogs, gotta love em... snakes on the other hand....

  7. I am so afraid of snakes. I called 911 once, Johnny Bravo came to the rescue.

    Curse you tiny toilet! That really is a great kid movie (ps, my stepdaughter who is 11 keeps me up to date lately on kid movies, but before she was in my life, I kept up anyway, after all, I'm just a big kid myself)


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