Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Countdown to OZ ..... day 17

What is Miss Gultch's first name?
I look nothing like Miss Gultch. But we have two things in common.

a. I ride a black tricycle through my neighborhood with a picnic basket on it. I had a sign on the back of the basket so that when you got the leaving picture of me, the sign read....Help, Dorothy. And on good days I hummed the music to go with the riding..dun da da da dun dah. dun da da da dun dah.

b. I am the wickediest witch in the world according to my birthday twin grandson. He has considered this the highest compliment he could give to me forever. Sorta like in the vernacular of the day....bad is really cool.

I used to have a t shirt that said "Nothing has been the same since that house feel on my sister". I loved wearing it. The shirt and it's saying was the tiny seed planted for this whole celebration of all the ozness I am surrounded by and are a part of my everyday life. CELEBRATE OZ is an answer to a question I've been asking myself for along time.

Hope you'll join me on March 19 so I can share my answer with you.

The answer to today's query is Almira Gultch.


  1. I also rode a bicycle with a basket and a little dog...my husband always hummed the appropriate music as we rode...

  2. I want that T-shirt also, Looking forward to the 19th, which is also my SM's birthday.

  3. I want that T-shirt too. LA! would laugh like heck! giggle

  4. Ditto on the wanting the t-shirt. I also want "I have winged monkeys and I'm not afraid to use them"

    I'm excited about the party. I'll post my first part of my contribution this Saturday. WoooHooo!

  5. LOL! I have always wanted that shirt myself.

    How cool that your birthday twin grandson labeled you the wickedest witch in the world. If anyone ever sweet-talked me like that it would bring a tear to my eye.

    Can't wait for the Oz Celebration!

  6. I've been wanting a bicycle like hers forever, one day, I'll find it.


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