Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Countdown to Oz ..... Day 2

I'm having a very difficult time here.....I wanna play now. So much fun to be had, so many wonderful people who also love, love, love OZ. I'm a lucky girl. Come on sparkly shoes, melting olde baggs and rainbows.

BTW, don't you love this version of Over the Rainbow by Joe Black....if you have the time listen to the whole song. It has A Wonderful World included in it. It is so, well wonderful.

XOXO to all of you my lovelies er pretties.


  1. And if you have just a tiny bit of extra time, stop by Pagan Culture and enter my Celebrate Oz giveaway!

    Here is the link: http://pagan-culture.blogspot.com/2011/03/giveaway-royal-family-of-oz-trilogy-by.html

  2. Ya gotta go and see the amazing giveaway Ms. Magaly is offering. Fabulous and fun. Now go......and then come back to get three extra entries....you see I did.

  3. hehe Was instructed to leave a comment for the wonderful contest Magaly is holding. I wish I'd found your blog sooner, Oz is just so much fun!!

  4. I am back to leave a comment for Magaly's amazing giveaway! I am so glad I found her blog through you. She is such a little jewel, isn't she?


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