Sunday, March 13, 2011

Countdown to Oz ..... Day 5

I'll be still and let you wait in peace.  but I'm having a really hard time being patient.....can you tell???????????


  1. You're like a little kid waiting for Christmas!!

  2. I have to be honest, between the roommates and the packing, my car breaking down and the move coming up at week's end - I've been having a hell of a time coming up with something to contribute! Usually I'd do my usual photo party with fancy dining room and such and stuff, but everything is packed away. *sigh*

    Have no fear though, like Elphaba herself I'll wiggle my witchy fingers, don my pointy hat and come up with something to share! Hope all's well in the casa, lords know things are hectic as ever and keeping me mum over here.

  3. Good to know I'm not the only one all jumpy waiting to see what everybody will come up with!

  4. I'm so excited (this being my first blog party) that I just spent the last hour on Facebook looking for a WOOZ page that I could advertise it on ... then chickened out!


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