Thursday, March 10, 2011

Countdown to Oz ...... Day 8

"I've got away to get us in there and you're gonna lead us". And then the Scarecrow and Tinman made the Lion lead them.

This is going to be one of those "down memory lane posts".

I was 11 when I saw Wizard of Oz for the very first time. I went with my 5 very best friends to the movies. We walked downtown to my girlfriends grandfathers movie theater. It was the Sunshine theatre in downtown ABQ. The building is used for the TNT production of "In Plain Sight" as the headquarters for the US Marshall's offices now.

The 5 of us were like the Heckle and Jeckle crows of the the cartoons of the era. If there was trouble...not big stuff, just annoying kid stuff, to be gotten into, we did it. There was Andrea, whose Dad later became the Ambassador to Peru for President Kennedy, Renee who at the age of 27 decided that this world did not need her any longer, Marie (she was the serious student) and her younger sister Margie (she was a bonafide rat head, she swallowed a charm from my bracelet one time just because she liked it and didn't want me to have it.) and me. Sometime Vivian joined us but she had a Mom who didn't want her out of her sight for long so it wasn't often that she joined us on our adventures.

So I wasn't little biddy when I saw WOZ for the first time. But I tell you what. Up on the big screen, it was very, very intense. The tornado, Ms. Gultch, being swept away to another land beyond the rainbow was mesmerizing. I mean the scarecrow and the tin man and that damnable cry baby lion were waaaaaaay, but the good and bad witch's we so big and grand and the thought that Dorothy wasn't goin to get back home was very disturbing.

I must tell you though, the movie and the books I had read when I was much younger were so different from one another. Then as a semi adult, I took a comparative literature class and read one of the screen plays written for the WOZ and was kinda like reading  War and Peace and seeing Spanky and Our Gang put it on. And then Michael Jackson got into the act and there was the WIZ and then the Muppets had a go of it. And ya know, the Muppets is closer to the book than any of the others. Funny huh?

Now my own imaginings of the WOZ are what keep me fascinated and intrigued by the story.....or what I think the story should be. Like Magaly Guererro of Pagan Culture (I do hope you read her first installment of the triology she wrote for CELEBRATE OZ), I too have a different though process when it comes to the witches and the why of OZ.

A little over a week from now we will see what the people who sculpt, the people who create with ink, pen, pencil, paint have imagined, the ones who wrote a different view, the ones who have collected memorabilia and collectibles and the ones who just plain love some part of OZ bring to the table for our shared fun.

BTW, I remember being so frightened when the witch had Dorothy and Toto locked up in her castle that I cried a little. And I also remember that darned Margie laughing at me all the way home for being a baby. Waaaaaaaay. Pfffffffft.


  1. How terrible Margie! My brother was pretty terrible too when it came to things like that. I would get really sad when any being didn't get the chance to the his or point across. "It's not fair," I would say. And the big bully would tell me "That's the way things are, stop being a girl."

    I'm glad you included the them of different interpretations in your post. Marcia Colette is guest blogging at Pagan Culture today. One of the things I love about her is that she sees the world through her own eyes when it comes to writing fiction. She is her own woman; trends are okay, but originality makes people.

    Just wait 'till you read “Brains, Hearts and Guts”...

  2. I to was frightened the first time I saw the WOZ, although I saw it on TV, but then I'm a wuss, Great fun.

  3. You tell the best stories - this one is no expeception. Thanks for sharing [Margie sounds like a hoot!]

  4. The Wizard of Oz has always been one of my favorite movies.

  5. I keep wondering what charm she swallowed... a smooth little heart or a 4 legged horse?

  6. Oh yes Magaly Guerrero's story... waiting for next instalment, I LOVE it!!!!

  7. Oh you lucky girl!I would have loved to see WOZ on the big screen. That must have been like riding a rainbow itself. I too have read the book and seen the movie and I love your comparison of it. So true! LOL

    I cannot believe she actually swallowed one of your charms just so you wouldn't have it. Now that is determination!


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