Friday, March 18, 2011

Countdown to Oz ..... only one day to go..........

Ozma of Oz
My launch sequence is back on track.....we are Oz minus one and counting here at Casa de CuCKoo.
Old stage poster of a presentation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Updates: you've gotta go and check out Martha and Jane, they started playing a few days ago and is hilarious. 

Marlene has this amazing painting that she has done that is going to be her Door Prize.
An illustration from Wizard of Oz
Danni of The Whimsical Cottage isn't going to get to play with us tomorrow after all because she is going to be closing on her new house and moving.....some peoples children will go to such extremes ya know. We wish her and her Sweet Man Joe all the joy and happiness in moving into their first home. There's no place like home. And in honor of this once in a lifetime occasion and because she is the bestest computer buddy I have (has saved my bacon a bazillion times), I am also including in my giveaway a $20.00 gift certificate to her Etsy shop as well as the "not quite right" hearts. Danni has some amazing art work to pick from and I know whoever the winner will be, they will find something wonderful.

Our pretty and her minions.........
I have visited all the current Players in Celebrate Oz and all are at the ready so, I will leave you until we meet again tomorrow and CELEBRATE OZ.