Thursday, March 17, 2011

Giveaways for Celebrate OZ

The bloggy air is thick with excitement. You can almost smell the anticipation of CELEBRATE OZ.....oh wait, maybe that's the pancakes Sweet Man is fixing the grands this morning.

There is an author signed set of books on Oz (3 books) to be given away.....and btw the author stopped by to wish us well.....check out the last participant "The Magician of OZ", all this made possible by the ever lovely and wicked Ms. Magaly who scored big time. She is a gem I tell you.

There is a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate being given away by Mina at Green Witch with Sprinkles.

A quilt kit, a gorgeous ACEO and lastly in this ensemble of great giveaways which only represent 1/7th of the participants goodies, are my own "not quite right" hearts.

These "arting" series was so named by the Pancake maker supreme and all round good fella, my Sweet Man. As I sat one evening, stitching the hearts closed, I made the comment that I really like the sound of the embroidery thread as it made it's way throught the papers......SM says in his typical teasing tone..."honey, that's not quite right". So thus the name. Plus for some, the subject matter doesn't exactly lend itself to being a hearty kinda thing.

Anyway here are the hearts for OZ:
Class of  '39   Kansas Normal School   Most likely to get carried away.

Under no circumstances will there be water.

Oh no I remember this was your idea.

Do you think she heard us???

And just who am I to play cards with now that my sister has a house on her?

So please stop by on March 19th, this Saturday to all of the participants and see how they have chosen to CELEBRATE OZ and register with those who are having giveaways. I will of course make the list of participants available on my sidebar until mid April.

And if my counting mechanism in my brain (loaned to me by the scarecrow) I believe that since today is Thursday....only Friday to go until we CELEBRATE OZ, together