Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It like the stage is empty.............

Ya know when you walk into a big room, or theatre and there are no people and no one is one stage the kinda eerie feeling of emptiness? When you can say one word and it repeats itself over and over in an echo that kinda unsettles you?

Well that is where this page is right now. Kinda empty. I haven't felt this way since I was a kid and I'd wake up on Dec. 26th and under the tree held no presents. I also must tell you that I haven't been this excited prior to something as I was about.....you know. I was such a spaz about it that I even forgot how to count. How childlike is that????

Well as high as I was pre Celebrate Oz, I am a little low today. C O is over, the kids are back in school, Shelley and Joe are at work............??????
Hey wait a minute, I just got some sparkle back in my brain.....I can go play with that brick of Mexican Clay I bought and make a mess. Although, I will have to make a mess inside because the wind is playing outside and I don't do, pick bugs out of my teeth and hair real well.

I can also have just salad and a tall glass of lavendar tea for lunch with no whining or gnashing of other peoples teeth. I can sit down and write the rest of the second installment of the little witchlets of Oz.

Side story. Yesterday is our junking day at the thrift stores and no I won't do an idiot tour of what I bought....anyway, I saw the cutest tiny shoes (like I need more) that would have made an even better pair for baby Ephaba. Shelley and I looked at each other and said....I wonder with our eyes and oh hell no, with our mouths.......do you know how much glitter I had in my dining room after the sparkle of the vintage childrens shoes??????????

So nevermind on the empty......I'm gonna look forward to tree of life sculptures Oma style and not backwards at all the sparkle of Oz.............until it's time to get ready for Celebrate OZ 2012. I will draw 6 winners this coming Sunday. So, there is still time to sign up on the official Celebrate Oz day for either a $20 gift certificate to The Whimsical Cottage on Etsy or 5 of my Oz influenced "not quite right hearts".


  1. that's kind like I felt yesterday after the grands had gone.

  2. ~good morning my dear friend...keep sparkling...divulge in the silence of your day and indulge in what ever you wish...i can relate in so many ways...the now what feeling but i am happy that your mind is wandering down a lane of creative nourishing fun!!! thank you so for all of your loving words you have continually blessed upon me and for accepting my silence...i wish you a beautiful quiet day ahead...much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  3. My son told me an interesting trivia about Oz. Maybe you know this already...On a 9th grade English test there was a bonus question. What were the Palace guards chanting...it sounded oooo-eeee-oooo? They were chanting "How we loathe the Old One" I never knew that, did you?

  4. I have been enjoying your music this morning...Thanks

  5. I know the feeling, although I woke up this morning with an earache and no desire to do anything.

  6. I also know this feeling very well. I feel very lonely these days,cause my boyfriend and i going to seperate. He still lives with me till he finds another place...and thats the worse of all. I dont know how i menage it when he's gone forever....
    If i didnt have my clay, i sure go nuts...
    so i'm very thankful with this gift the spiritual world gave me. Yes, i believe i got it from above,cause i never ever thought about sculpting in my live since 2 years ago :-)

  7. I hope you find perfect fun in your sculpting! I get that feeling sometimes, but have been finding so many fun projects on blogger, and personal, to keep me quite busy, which is good right now since I'm still looking for a job :P

  8. You slay me, amiga!! There's nothing like "me time!" Enjoy your day and yes, we too are exchanging real estate, with NM and Mexico, though!!

    I was telling Ian yesterday, as we were in the thick of this pinchi dust storm, that when I was a kid, the visibility was horrible due to the fact that there were less buildings and homes, so more dirt to fly around. Then Vern interjected and said how he used to feel sorry for the girls because we had to wear dresses or skirts...dress codes were in strict place back in those days...and how when the dust blew, it felt like tiny shards of glass hitting up against our skin...yuck!!

    So have fun with your hunk of clay and play...I love that clay too and I made a Virgen de Guadalupe out of it for my shrine...fun stuff. Oh before I forget, I meant to say your deposed gov. Richardson...we had a Richards, Ann, many moons ago. I won't go into how I felt about her reign!! Have a great day and we need to another call fest.

    Loves ya and the goats are staying out of the dust!!


  9. Hi Linda!
    Maybe this will cheer you up..I SURE HOPE SO!!!
    I randomly drew a name for my door prize today and guess who won!
    YES :O)
    I will be sending you my original painting of
    " Dorothy and Toto in the Poppy Fields"
    Please email me your mailing address!

  10. So sorry you are feeling hungover or maybe jet lag with your big event over. Did not know you sculpted. That is something I keep saying I will do some day.

  11. But your stage is still full, for we refuse to leave. Besides, soon you'll be able to party at Pagan Culture, how exciting is that? ;-)

  12. I'm sorry that you are feeling a little low but if you went with that sort of energy all the time you might explode! As Magaly said, "your stage is still full". We will be here for you all through this year and ready to hit it again in Oz 2012! Take this time for yourself, sweet Oma Linda.


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