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Welcome to: CELEBRATE OZ, March 19, 2011

Looking over the National Museum’s exhibit of “When Oz Was Young” before sending the exhibit to the Thewildian Delegation, the Head Curator put the lid on the last crate, a green tear fell from her eye as though to seal the memory of the witchlets of Oz forever. This was a very sad time for Oz, for the thewi's and especially for the people who loved the girls and what they meant to Oz.

Thewi’s are magickal creatures created for a specific duty. There are thewi’s for sparkling and spacing stars, for coloring the flowers, leaves, trees, grass and all the plants, for cloud making and maintenance, for snowflake shaping. Well, there is a thewi for all the magickal components of Mother Nature’s plan. Thewi’s could choose to remain immortal beings and stay at their jobs forever or if they chose they could make contact with a physical world and become part of that reality as a mortal.

Our story involves a thewi, who was in charge of making the stars sparkle. She was a swift and dedicated worker for MN as they called their boss. She had a best friend in the whole world who was a rather large and in charge thewi who everyone called Tchs heart. They had been friends forever, literally because thewi are immortals unless harmed by another thewi.

Tchs heart was in charge of gathering the clouds and helping the other thewi who made the raindrops, sleet, hail, snow squeeze the clouds to produce their product. Our thewi never had offspring but Tchs heart had 4 beautious girls who someday would take over the jobs of thewi who chose to become beings of mortal body in other places. Thewi’s could if they chose live in any reality but if not serving Mother Nature, they became mortal beings.

The thewi were only allowed to breed once a year and unlike other creatures did not stay with that mating partner, so the girls each had a different father. One of whom had caused a problem with Mother Nature and had been turned into a Neg (negative energy). Banished from the work of the thewi, this Neg plotted to take his revenge by capturing Tchs heart and her offspring.

Our thewi flew most of the time keeping one star or another lit and sparkling and on her travels saw most all of Mother Nature’s creations. One of the most interesting was a strange little planet of multi colored hue. It beckoned to Zard, our thewi, more than any other place, but being the dedicated thewi, she kept her thoughts on her job first. In her travels she overheard gossip about the Neg wanting to secret her friend and offspring away. Zard rushed to warn her friend but she was too late to save her friend. In the fierce battle that ensued, the Neg killed Tchs heart. Thereby leaving her offspring alone and frightened. Because of the ending of their mothers’ existence, each of the girls had received one fourth of their mother’s energy at her demise. So, Zard took her charges and escaped to the odd little multi hued planet for safety. You see even Negs had to give up their immortality if they touched reality. Hoping that they would not be followed to this reality, the 4 girls and Zard came to OZ the multi-hued planet. Zard was now mortal and the girls each had ¼ of Tchs heart powers to hone for living on this new world, which became their home.

The inhabitants of OZ were as colorful as the planet itself and of very good disposition. The whole of OZ was a happy and contented place to live. The Munchkins, Winkies, Hillfolk and Bottomdwellers all got along very well except for the occasional spat but all in all……a very peaceful place to live. The peoples of OZ welcomed the 5 new inhabitants with open arms and invited the new arrivals into their homes and hearts and almost immediately became devoted to the four little girls.
The oldest was Phalyne, dressed in the blue of the southern Hill people, pale skin, brown straight hair, slight of build, tall and a chatter box. She was bright, outspoken and fell in love with the Hillfolk ways. It was the dancing and singing that appealed to her the most, next to the storytelling of course.
Next was Umella, dressed in the red of the eastern Bottomdwellers with copper colored hair and flaming green eyes, taken to temper tantrums and wanting her way most all the time, she was the favorite of the Bottomdwellers who also like a good scuffle and rumble from time to time. Her energy and theirs matched and the Bottomdwellers were intrigued by her strength of character and admired her tenacity.
The fairest of them all was Glinda, dress in the northern Munchkins favorite cotton candy pink. Glinda had blonde curly hair, blue eyes and a sweet disposition. She was kind and loving and had the Munchkins wrapped around her dear pink finger in a short time. The Munchkins and Glinda bonded in a most pleasing partnership of fun and laughter and mutual admiration.

And then there was the baby of the family, Elphaba, who possessed green skin, brown, almost black eyes, dimples, a contagious giggle and the most delightful smile. Because she was beloved by all of the people, not only her western Winkies the people of OZ created a special color for her to wear to match her hair. Up to that time there had never been a speck of black on the planet. Elphaba was so young when the 5 came down to OZ that she hadn’t even spoken her first word. Who could resist this baby? And so the Winkies took to her like a kitten to milk.
The witchlets were all loved and admired and well cared for. Why were they called witchlets…..well that’s easy, they were after all, the offspring of thewi Tchs heart and were each gifted with ¼ of her powers.

Because of her powers and wisdom Zard was regarded as a being to be admired and all the peoples decided to give her land, right in the middle of the 4 countries of OZ on which to build a home and appointed her Grand Advisor. With this central location, the girls could learn of the people and the people would have access to the unusual talents of these offspring of the magickal thewi.

The construction of their new home took only a matter of days. The home was built out of the natural clear green stone of the area and in later years expanded to be quite a showplace. But for now, the new citizens of OZ were settled in and ready to begin their new life.

The two older girls were of school age and so were gone during the week which left Zard to care for only Glenda and Elphaba. The older girls proved to be bright, articulate and a bit precocious in their studies and excelled at almost all subjects.
The younger girls were also bright and engaging. Glenda loved to practice her spell and wand work and kept to herself most of the time when not entertaining and being entertained by the parade of Munchkin folks who were daily in and out of the home. Elphaba proved to be more of a challenge. A toddler now and into everything, she kept Zard on her toes most all day long. Even the introduction of the toys provided by the Winkies didn’t seem to be enough entertainment but it did give Elphaba the opportunity to say her first words and first spell all at the same time. She called to her toys, “lion, tiger and bear…………Ohmy.” You see her most beloved gift from the Winkies was her very own live, winged monkey who was named Ohmy. She and this creature were never separated and were devoted to each other for the rest of their lives.
And so is the start of the story of Thewi Zard, the Grand Advisor and the four witchlets of OZ, back when OZ Was Young.

Of course this is not the end of our story. It will be continued at Pagan Culture on April 13 thru May 1, 2011........and the final episode will be next time we all come together to  CELEBRATE OZ.

I am going to be giving 6 gifts away to celebrate the 1st annual CELEBRATE OZ.

One for each of the witchlets and 1 for Thewi Zard. The prizes will be: 5 of my "not quite right hearts" also with Ozzie influences. And a special $20.00 gift certificate to the Etsy shop of Danni at The Whimsical Cottage, who is moving to first cottage this weekend.

All you have to do to be eligible to win is become a follower, if you aren't already and  leave a comment on this blog and check back with me on March 27 to see who the winners are. Good Luck my pretties.

And thank you so much for stopping by to read my first episode of When Oz Was Young.

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  1. Wonderful story, I never had heard how they came to be in Oz, or if I did I had forgotten. Thank you for hosting this party, I am looking forward to visiting others and to having everyone visit with me. Have fun and I will check back later.

  2. Oh my, indeed! What a tale you weave!

    You are off to a terrific start, my dear. What fun!

  3. Count me in. Neat blogger party. I love OZ so much. What a magical place.

    I am now a followers. :)

  4. I love the little shoes... Can not wait to read more....

  5. Love it!! I was so excited for today....I am going to spend my morning coffee with Oz today! Hugs to you

  6. What a great post, Linda!.. and a fun celebration! Thank you for hosting, and please do count me in for your Celebrate Oz giveaway! I am a follower!... Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

  7. What an interesting little tale - loved the flying monkey - he made me chuckle! Great party! Thank you! I'm off to see...well, some of the other participants of your fantastic blog party! I'd best make another pot of coffee...

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Doris and the Gizz (who have been spending too much time outside walking (and gardening) instead of blogging...)

  8. So, this is the OZ party. How fun! I loved the story as I've always loved everything about OZ. I wish I'd know about this sooner as I would have loved being a part of it. Can't wait to hear more of the story.

  9. Linda, this has been a fun time. I love your story, and I adore the shoes!! Thanks for hosting this blogfest. I have visited just about everyone on your list, too bad a few forgot about it? But there are some soooo creative people out there! Take care! Robin.

  10. Hi Linda,
    You are a very creative and gifted story teller!
    Thanks so much for Hosting, I am enjoying the Party .

  11. I want to be The Darkish Writing Thewi! Can I please! Please! Please! Oh, and I have a few things to say to that Neg, just wait until we see each other.

    What a wonderful story, Linda. You had me gasping and traveling to a sparkly world where tiny beings loved nature.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Your party help me used my own writing, to discovered a new exciting part of Oz!

    P.S. Can't wait to read what you come up with for Witches in Fiction. And PLEASE tell me that Neg is getting smack. Just a little, we don't want to be too violent ;-D

  12. Thank you for the story on the witchlets...and more to come. Also, a HUGE thanks for this Celebration of OZ....great are so clever!!!!!!
    I remain your humble boomfairy.

  13. What a gloriously magical tale! Linda, I have so enjoyed and hung on every word and cannot wait for the next part. I had no idea you were an author on top of all the other fabulous talents you possess. Thank you so much for hosting this fun party. You are the Queen of Everything!

    Please enter me in your generous giveaway, my dear friend.

  14. I wrote my post also :)

  15. Such a wonderful story Linda! And these shoes are so cute! I was just in time with finishing my witchy pfhew!...

  16. Oops I think I just deleted my comment so
    I shall try again!
    First Debbie :O)Thank you so much for hosting
    this Fab OZ celebration! I am having so much fun!
    Your blog makes for some really great reading!!!
    I just adore your flying monkey-How cute! To think I always
    found them to be soooo scary!!
    Please enter my name in your door prize drawing!
    Sending you lots of big, fat ol' hugs!

  17. What a wonderful story, but now I need to know the rest :-)
    love the pics you included, gosh those stuffed toys are too cute! and the little witchlets, don't you just want to hug them?
    thanks for hosting this fun blog party, The Wizard of Oz is such a classic, and it is so wonderful to celebrate with you and all the other blogs.

  18. I love your story, Linda =) Thanks for putting on the party, I'm having a blast! I finally finished my post, yay, and you can now see a picture of the painting I'm working on of Glinda. Happy Oz Day!! Kathryn

  19. Linda - wonderful story. I had never heard of thewi's before.

    Your Glinda is so beautiful! And love your other characters lol So cute!

    Thank you so much for throwing this blog party! I will try and remember for next year. Depends on what I'm up to by then :)

  20. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do and the stories you weave.

    Beautifully done My Friend. :)

    [Sorry I did not have my own OZ post today, as promised - please take my link down. I was simply not up to it this week. Love you sweetie]

  21. Hi Linda,
    What a wonderful storyteller you are! This was a perfect way to start my Sunday morning. Wish I would have had time to join in the party.

  22. Wow! What an interesting story of the beginning of the witches of OZ! Really enjoyed you post and the dolls are beautiful ... the animals, so cute ... and the little shoes - my grand-daughter would love them; but, alas, they are nearly big enough for her (LOL)! I am really enjoying this party, thanks for hosting it so beautifully!

  23. Hee hee, I loved your story, very clever. I think you should write children's stories when you grow up :oD

  24. I love how you told this story...I am so happy that I got to know you...Stacy from MagicLoveCrow told me about this and I am so happy I participated!
    Please add my name to your giveaway! I am going to leave a comment on your day after post!

  25. Absolutely beautiful story! Would love to be a part of this giveaway as well, and cannot wait to read more!


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