Sunday, April 24, 2011

And so another one bites the dust.......

Blogging is a little like playing the lottery or Texas holdum. You play and then you see sometimes that your efforts have brought reward, and then again sometimes you lose your shirt, shorts or dignity.

I have been guilty of saying too much on my blog at times. Things that if I had "do overs", I would. But I can honestly say that even though I may have doubted myself every once in awhile that I have never truly regretted any post that I have done. Now, don't get me wrong, I have gotten righteously pi**ed off and ripped on someone big time and then deleted the post. But that was because I didn't want to cause someone else (not the target of the rant) embarrassment or harrassement. I have learned in my 6 decades here in this reality that what goes around, comes around. I do believe that ugly is best left unsaid in most cases. And besides, I would hate to distrupt my Mom's rest in her crypt and have her come here to whup my butt cheeks for not being the daughter she thought she raised. I wouldn't want to totally disappoint her. Best to leave that particular unpleasantness alone.

I have been very fortunate in my blogging, in that I have found and kept friends that are all across the board in beliefs, areas of the world, economic situations, but the one thing that is completely true across the board is that each of you has some bit in common with me. Whether that is Autism, grandparenting, art, good heartedness or a sense of humor, we were brought together for some unknown reason.  So that when one of my "friends" on the blogsophere just is gone, I am always a little sad.

Sometimes it is an understandable explanation, sometimes they just quit blogging only to return another day and in some cases they just vanish. I know she can't see my blog but I would like to say goodbye to DarkMotherGoddess. I do know why she is gone, but I will miss her and her smarmy mouth and funny outlook on life.

The loss of her interaction and also the finding of a bloggy friend on facebook who told me I never answered her comments on my blog made me do some soul searching. I enjoy you....but am I being good to you? I'll have to contemplate, as I did a few months back how I will let you know I appreciate your comments. I have tried to email folks but some of you have no reply on your comments and some just don't have an email address listed....sooooooooo.....I have to contemplate this. But be assured, I do appreciate you being out there keeping me honest, motivated and energized, it makes me be a better me and contemplate for goodness sake.....who would have thunked that anyone or anything could get me to contemplate?

My made up vert word for this post is: gotaluvet. This is what is feel for my bloggy life, you just gotaluvet.

See you on Weds. with the next to last chapter in "When Oz was Young".


  1. Well, it's your blog and you can say what you want on it - everyone uses it for different reason, some as a dairy for their families, some to vent and express themselves and some as a means of a log and picture keeper (like me) because it's nice to go back once in a while and see what I posted and what I did. My life seems sort of boring at times, but when I look through my blog posts, I can see that I have done something after all, be it ever so insignificant.

    Happy Easter to you and yours :-)

  2. I'm not very good about replying to comments. And when I do it's by email (except for the rare occasions I will comment on my own blog). and those that are no-reply get no reply. but I try to comment on my commenters blogs. sometimes it's a matter of time. I don't have a limitless amount of it. I can reply to comments or I can make comments of my own on other blogs.

  3. I am cool if someone replies to me, but also if they don't I know it's not because they don't love (or 'like' LOL) me or think I'm not worth it... I'll explain, I write because I WANT to make a comment, so it's OK if I don't get a reply because that was not the motivation for my words, and if someone writes back that's lovely too, but to 'expect' it, or 'wait' for feedback, man I'm sure we all have got better things to do ;)
    I actually love your unique ballsy voice in blogland, your mom can be proud she raised a woman that speaks her mind, has personality that enhances a dull day and a generous empathic heart & soul... how do I know this??? Because I read your blog my friend, & I LIKE (could be verging on LOVE) it!!! Take care & Happy Easter ;)

  4. I've never figured out how some folks reply directly to my comments and I just don't have the time to email everyone individually so I normally pop over to their blog if I have something super uber important to say, or reply in comments. I know you loves me, never worry about that! :)

    As for DM, I'll be missing her too. It was nice having another smart mouthed Jersey sister who curses like it's an art form to light up my mornings.

  5. You can't keep 'em all happy. I have had a rounder today...someone thought I was being dishonest on my posts by painting a rosy picture. This truly hurt my feelings...but I will survive.

    I try to answer every comment but the no-replys do not allow that.

    I wish you luck.

    Every one does it different.

  6. I know how you feel Linda I looked forward to her blog like a chocolate bar just waiting to be unwrapped and devowarded! she made me laugh sometimes so hard I nearly would pee my pants. so glad we still have each other LOL i am going to have to turn up my blog a notch or two in her honor LOL

  7. I enjoy your rantings and or observations or whatever they are. I'm terrible with words and enjoys reading and listening to those of you who can express yourselves that way. I have my silly moments, usually when my sugar is low, and I say things that I later ask myself, "Now why did I say that?" Whatever it is you're doing on your blog, just keep on doing it.

  8. Someone actually pointed out you didn't acknowledge her comments? Sorry, but that is stupid. No, really - ridiculous. Sunshineshelle said it best and I have to agree - I write comments because I want to share with you. Heck you already WROTE a post, so my comment is just that. A comment. Not a pen pal letter waiting for a response.

    My goodness if I got a response to every comment I ever left my reading would triple. My inbox would be stuffed.

    I am sorry that your friend had to go away - but hopefully you all can keep in touch through other means then the blog and that she is okay.

    Love ya', ya' old Bag.


  9. Linda, I think you are Wonderful! I am pretty new here but you have left us the most funny and dedicated comments over at martha and jane. You have NOT given up on us, and that means so much!
    I don't have a personal blog but I know from E-Mails I've written, that I have written negative comments. I run on emotion and sometimes it gets the best of me, especially if I react immediately instead of waiting. But as my husband says, when you write something, it is there Forever. Best to write it, get it out of your system, then Delete- just as you said!
    I fear I am spending more and more time on Facebook and getting stuff done around here less and less. I can definitely see where friends add up (Wonderful) but then the replies do too and there is not time for everything. I think you have to realize people care but they cannot comment all the time..Geesh, we would be here all day! the way, this is going to look like my husband has written this comment (Jim-Brecht...his German homework Blog- NOT ME!)I am Gramma from Martha and Jane. Linda- I am 59 years old and by the time you get to be our age, you're damn right we can say stuff we couldn't when we were younger! There's gotta be perks for getting old, right??!!!

  10. I reply to most comments and sometimes I miss one or two, or someone replies something that tells me that s/he didn't read the post at all, so I don't say anything... I don't mind when bloggy friends don't reply to things I say. If I have something of extreme important like "Did I tell you about the mind blowing sex I just had?" I send an email, so that my bloggy friend won't miss it.

    Blogging shouldn't be a job (unless it is a job) if you don't reply to my comments, I know you are busy (the same goes with me). Besides, I know you are thinking of me all the time (and the turtles too) because we are that cool.

    Give yourself a hug from me, and you are allowed not to read my comments whenever you feel like it. Unless they are about steamy topics ;-)

  11. Linda, I don't know what to say. I have never felt slighted by you in any way, shape or form. It is impossible for me to individually reply to each and every comment I would never leave my computer. I am like Danni and just try to visit everyone who comments blog and comment on theirs. I truly enjoy reading the blogs even when I don't comment or visit every day.

  12. You know I would not change a thing. I always mean to anwers the comments left on my blog, sometimes I just run out of time, but I so try...I have learnt to that people just disapear or are gone for awhile and then start something new. ....Do your blogs as you have been. be you, people will build it and they will come....some will stay around for ever. hope you had a great weekend. and that all are in good health. hugs.

  13. I agree with Sherry, Dark Mother was as good as Dark Chocolate! I will miss her so much, but I am so happy to have found you and so many other blog buddies on here, and to be able to answer yes when my Mom says, "Do people really read what you put on that thing?"

  14. WOOPS! What can i say more? My english isn't that good to express myself how i would and should. so i can olny say, i agree with all comments here. You've got some very sweet followers/blogfriends Linda!

  15. I really have to tell you that I am a bit speechless. I always love receiving comments and I equally love leaving them when I feel moved to do so. But honestly, I don't know how to directly respond to comments and I know I miss some even though I do my best to make it a point to visit that person's blog as soon as I can. But honestly, for me blogging is something I do for pleasure and I expect nothing in return from anyone in this big beautiful blogland. If I have something I would like a response to, I use email and I hope anyone who directly wants to communicate with me would do the same. Linda, it breaks my heart that you feel you must do some soul searching to ask yourself if you have been good enough to us. I think you are a treasure to my life and the human race in general. Please do not feel any differently.

  16. Of course you can use Elphie! ;-)

  17. Hey Linda...are you kidding me?? I absolutely love your blogs and when I came back to blogging, yours was the first one I looked up so I could reconnect with you. You are funny and insightful and I read your blog everyday. I don't always comment, but that doesn't mean I don't look forward to reading it everyday. :) Please don't take anything to heart on what people say or don't say. This is your blog. :) And I just found out Dark Mother is gone...what in the world happened? She was awesome and I'm feeling sad about this. :(


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