Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Answer part 5 of When Oz was Young


Dorothea smoothed the white table cloth again and adjusted the tea cups so that they were just so. She fidgeted with the flower bouquet and then walked to the door. Looking through the screen door, she could see nothing but rows and rows of corn beyond her own backyard. The sun was midway up in the sky and she knew it was close to 10 am without looking at the ticking mantle clock for the 50th time in the past half hour.

Then she saw the dust of the approaching car, and rushed to the hallway mirror to check her hair and makeup and smoothed her dress over her very protruding baby bump. Turned back to the door and went outside to wait on the porch. She was so excited for this day and this time to finally be here. At last an answer to all her questions.

The dust cloud that trailed the vehicle was almost to the bend in the road and her heart was just about to pound its way out of her chest, then the baby kicked so hard and turned towards the oncoming visitors direction and she knew he too was involved in the unraveling of this mystery.

The car came to a stop at the bottom of the stairs and Dorothea walked down to the edge of the porch and descended two steps and waited for the door to be opened by the driver.

Out stepped the one person who had all the answers about the “before time”. The older, wiser and still gorgeous Elphaba stepped out of the limo and smiled at the young woman who stood so very pregnant before her.
This painting of Elphaba is by Danni of The Whimsiccal Cottage (go team green)
Dorothea couldn’t wait a second longer and rushed to embrace the being who had saved her life and brought her home all those years ago. This beautiful emerald colored, magickal creature who had finally consented to come to visit and unfold the mysteries of the “before time”, was really here, right on Dorothea’s front porch steps.

They strolled arm in arm into the house and right to the beautifully set tea table and never took their eyes off of one another.

“My dear how long has it been now since we parted company?” asked Elphaba. “Too long, I think 18 years”, replied Dorothea. They then exchanged pleasantries about life, Dorothea being very, very pregnant with a baby boy, how Elphaba had been all these in hiding and then the moment of truth was upon them and Dorothea said, “I am so pleased that you have agreed to tell me the how, why and what of those long ago events in Oz.”

Just as Elphaba inhaled to begin her tale, the baby fluttered almost as though he too was getting himself settled for the telling. Dorothea smiled and said to her belly, “alright Frankie, are you ready now?” And both the witch and the mother to be laughed.

This is not the end of the story. That will be unveiled in March 2012 at Celebrate OZ. But my lovelies, at least maybe you know who Dorothy really was.

Thank you so much to Ms. Magaly, you wickiest of wicked darlings for this priceless opportunity to share my own version of how it might have been “When Oz was Young”.

I will draw the winner of the limited edition 8 piece Wizard of Oz Pez dispenser set tomorrow in the evening. All it takes to enter is a comment on any one of the 4 postings of mine on Pagan Culture’s “Witches in Fiction”.


  1. What a wonderful storyline. As an author of Oz and the Royal Liaison to Princess Ozma, I can report that Her Majesty is pleased by your efforts. I look forward to Celebrate Oz next year.

  2. ::tapping my fingers impatiently:: I am on a time restraint here woman - and you expect me to wait until 2012! Argh. giggle

  3. Oh my goodness! You have been hiding this storytelling gift of yours for far too long, my sweet friend. I literally have chill bumps up and down my arms. Go team green indeed! I am so looking forward to Celebrate OZ 2012.

  4. Oh my, we have to wait until next year? Talk about leaving someone in suspense. Are you sure you aren't a devil? Maybe just devilish.

  5. Hi!.. And yes, I'm looking forward to your next Oz event already! Loved your story, and hope you're enjoying the weekend! ~tina


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