Friday, April 1, 2011

Autism Awareness Month is April

Ever since Ry was born...I mean the instant he looked at Joe and I for the first time, he was ever so different than any baby I had ever known. He looked like he was somewhere else all together. He returns to that place and finds comfort and is just able now to differenciate between here and there. In our own Casa de Cuckoo way, we refer to this as him being called back to the Mother ship. He is here in body but he is taking a little vacation sometimes.

When he was 5 weeks old, Shelley let me keep him for a few hours while she had some alone time with GK. Poor baby would not stop crying. I'm not talking about wah, wah, I want a bottle, or diapers changed, or comfort. I mean screaming. I don't know you, I don't know you. HELP. Don't touch me. Of course not having an experience with any body who doesn't like to be touched, I didn't know what to do. It was like holding a baby for the very first time. Scary, ackward and wasn't a good thing for either of us.

Ry just could'nt take the stimulation of an outside source.
Being a touchy feely person, I was naturally put off. I thought it was a matter of like and dislike. I was hurt. What an uninformed child I was.

Almost 7 years later (his birthday is in 8 days), I am smarter, he is older, we trust each other more. Life with a child on the autism spectrum is not easy, but I am being absolutely honest with you when I say the journey that this little sweet soul has brought me on is one I would not have missed for anything in this universe.

Here is a link to a short from a movie that might help you understand more about autism and the myths and misunderstandings that exist about the wide variety of symptoms and ticks of those on the spectrum. The one truth of autism is...."everyone wants to communicate". The title of the film which will be in limited release starting April 23. The title is "Wretches and Jabberers".

Many of you who do not have any relationship with autism would truly be blessed by learning more about it. Had I only had a bit of info, I may not have wasted time wondering and not knowing. Please know that because autism occurs in 1 out of every 110 persons that you will encounter autism in one section of the spectrum sometime in your life and knowledge is power and peace.

April Blessings.


  1. Great post, Linda! Ry is too cute, and I am always up for learning something new. Blessings.

  2. He has such a beautiful smile :) My neighbor i lived next to had a child with autism and i spent alot of time with them and observing what all of them went thru. It was easy and sometimes hard to heart went out to both of them. He had trouble with noises and could not take a school bus or stand a toilet flushing. I'm so glad you and Ry have developed your own special relationship.

  3. Wonderful blog, and Ry looks so genuinely happy in that photo. I watch American Idol and one of the contestant has Aspergers, he is a brilliant talent and showman and it just amazes me week after week that he can get on that stage and perform like a seasoned Rock Star. If you don't already watch it, check it out next Wednesday, the contestant is James Durbin.

  4. Opps, forgot - I received my lovely heart yesterday it is awesome and I love it! Thank you for hosting such a great event. I am bloging my wins tomorrow.

  5. I recall when Ian was born, I knew within 24 hours something was "different" not yet sure what that meant since my other two were pretty normal (too bad they didn't stay that way! LOL). He used to scream and yes, I know that scream, anytime we left the house, grocery stores, malls, friends houses,etc. I became a virtual recluse as a result in those early years. However, learning of his disability when he was 4, I "maedubacated" myself.

    Thanks for calling out to those who have never experienced this...not fun! But next time you all are in a store and you see a poor, exhausted mother trying to maintain her sanity because she is unable to comfort her "screaming" child, have heart, she might be in for the ride of her life, so say a little prayer.

    Loves ya,

  6. as a teen, I worked for a summer with autistic kids and learned so much! My middle sister has a son who is high functioning autistic and one of my witch sisters does too. I like you am very touchy feely but have learned from these kids to let them come to you on their own. Much love to your family my bloggy sister
    Blessings and Love

  7. I watched "The Talk" today - not because I ever do but I noticed that they were discussing this very topic and I learned a lot more. It was amazing.

    Ry is such a cutie patootie. I love when you post pics of him -

  8. April blessings back to you and the whole family at Casa di Chucko ;-)

  9. Ry is truly a beautiful child. One look into those eyes would melt the hardest of hearts. He is such a lucky boy to have such a devoted and loving grandmother as yourself. What a wonderful thing you are doing to educate the rest of us. I will certainly watch the You tube video you have posted. Thank you for enlightening me.

  10. Linda, Ry has the dearest sweetest face! I am going to watch the video. Thanks for the link.
    Give that boy a hug for me. ♥

  11. No words, just much admiration for all of you.

  12. This is an important post. That 1 in 110 should bring everyone up short. It is becoming entirely too common. Those who know nothing about it now, surely will be exposed during their life time. Hopefully treatment and awareness will bring a break through.
    I so admire your relationship with Ry and he is such a beautiful child.

  13. How lovely that you searched for knowledge; that you understood that in the very exclusive and personal world of a child with autism, it is never about you but HIM. I know what you mean about learning the hard way. I dated a guy who had a child with autism and the the first time (times) I met him, I cried. A LOT. I'm not used to be disliked (I didn't know that it wasn't about me). After I understood and accepted that, the 5 minutes or 30 minutes he would even look at me, were priceless.

  14. Happy almost Birthday Ry! Keep drawing!!


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