Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Morning on a Saturday

I hope you are all doing well. Haven't heard from many of you in it my story that's scaring you away....I sure hope not. I think you will  be entertained by where the rest of the story goes and how it comes to a conclusion for this year.

Anyhoo, I need some advice. I know that you all have big hearts when it comes to animals and you may have contacts and information I don't have. And you may have an idea of something I have not thought of.

First let me tell you my dilemna. Ellie Mae being the terrible terrier and just a year old has decided that my turtles are her new chew toys. I have had the mix of dogs and turtles for years and while the Saint Bernards would tip the turtles over or knock them over as they ran by, I've never had but one other dog who actually chewed on them. At that time this dog (Phoebe) only chewed on little ones which we fixed by relocating the little ones away from her. But with Ellie Mae, she has decided that she would chew on the large ones and has hurt two of them.

I feel like Solomon right of my turtles vs love of the kid's dog.

Firstly, I can't separate the turtles from the dog in this backyard. It just would be impossible, mainly because there are babies wherever and I don't always see them for sometimes, years. Separation would be the easy fix.

I have a feeling that this started because Ellie got the taste of turtle from digging up a nest of eggs on the side of the house. I found parts of shells but no babies and that makes me icky beyond all icky. I couldn't sleep after finding that scene.

I wonder if Bitter Apple will affect a turtle since they have such a strong sense of smell, because I could spray it in Ellie's mouth (poor thing) and then on the turtles so that might be a deterrent. I thought of a muzzle, but let's get real.  She about as big as a minute and faster than greased lightening and these old legs won't be able to manage that 8 times a day for potty breaks.

I've already tried accompanied potty breaks (me while they are at school, them when they get home) or thought I had but the kids have sorta let me down.....they are only kids. Last night was sorta it, when I found the latest victim of Ellie's mouth with blood on the hinge area of the shell. I'm a little nuts anyway but I lost it last night with the fam. Blah, blah, blah, responsibility, blah, do it because it is the right thing, blah, blah if it doesn't change either the turtles go or the I feel like crap. I hate threats that are hurtful and I would hate it either way.

If you have any ideas, I sure could use your brain power and some luck right about now. Thanks again for taking the time to read my insanity.

See life is just crazy as usual at Casa de Cuckoo. XOXO