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Just another day in Oz......a continuation of "When Oz was Young"

This is the second installment in the series for Celebrate Oz that is now featured in Magaly of Pagan Culture blog party "Witches in Fiction".

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Just Another Day in OZ

Now that the girls have settled into life on Oz and Zard has gotten some administrative duties to look after as well as the care of the younger girls, things at the Greenstone (the name given to the house presented to new residents of Oz), have become hectic and full of life. And as life will do, pulls and strains become a part of daily life.

Umella has decided to follow in the footsteps of her Auntie thewi Zard, the Advisor in Oz and has become quite the mediator in dealing with the hot headed bottom dwellers. This activity has brought with it conflict and some arguments right into Greenstone. That negative energy may not have a huge affect on the people of Oz but for the witchlets (so called because of receiving ¼ of thewi tchs heart’s power upon her demise), it puts them off their game, so to speak.

Glinda has become even more secluded and the baby Elphaba is just eating up all the turmoil. She can’t get enough of watching the yelling and goings on. And Umella herself is changing. She too had become even quicker tempered, more judgmental, more demonstrative, telling the other girls what to do and how to do it. Meanwhile, Phalyne has just immersed herself in her studies of the history of Oz.

The thewi family, in the beginning of their life in Oz, spent time together but now they are divided by temperament. Glinda and Phalyne calm, studious, directed. Umella and baby Elphaba more heated, excitable and unstable.

Zard’s herself is immune to the change of palatable tension because of her loss of consciousness of her own thewi training. She has lost track of what it was like to be a thewi in waiting and how important it is for the girls to know who they are to be when they are called upon to take over the duty of a thewi who has made the decision to become mortal or as in the case of their very own mother, thewi tchs heart, has had some negative encounter and been dissolved.

Zard has also lost track of time because of her own loss of immortality in bringing the girls to safety from the Neg who was baby Elphaba’s father. This is the ex thewi who dissolved their mother.

After all, regular time isn’t a part of thewi time which is vastly different from Ozonian time or any other reality’s time. Thewis can live forever but their duties in the natural world are ordered, timely, on a system if you will. Thewis are “called beings”. Called to do what they are called to do whether that is painting the rainbow, sparkling stars, whispering to the flowers to bloom or helping the sands to shift. No matter what the job might be, the seasons of so many realities dictate the time to the Thewi.

Thewi are also to be unselfish, putting aside all their own needs and doing the job. The girls certainly have not been schooled in the way of the thewi and each spends excessive time on themselves.

Even though Zard is still oblivious about what is going on, or rather what should be going on, she does get a thought that they need to spend time together as a poddish. A poddish is a grouping of thewi’s who depend on one another and energize each other. Without a poddish a thewi would soon burn up and be of no use to Mother Nature. Tchs heart and Zard were in a poddish together and shared a love for one another. That is how the witchlets came to be in Zard’s care in the first place.

So poddish it was. And the girls were delighted at first because it was something new, and fun and exciting. But then they all went back to thinking only of themselves and how Phalyne had a test for one class or another and Umella was expecting company during poddish and Glinda had a Munchkin with a delightful song to teach her and the baby was just observing and taking it all in. And so Elphaba also learned at the feet of her sisters to look inward instead of outward. Poor dear.

It was on a night when Zard would take no excuses for any one of the witchlet not attending poddish, just as the witchlets favorite dessert of yellow belly pie and stickers was placed on the table that a humming noise was heard, a chill went through the dining room. Right before their eyes, the witchlet Phalyne was enveloped in a blue bubble and just floated away.

There was no sound at first.

Then a gasp and crying. The crying was not from the girls who were in a state of shock and quite silent but from Zard. It was at that very moment she recalled all her forgotten thewi knowledge. She knew Phalyne had been called and she now was a thewi……………and gone to the others until they also became thewi but gone from Zard forever. What had she done? Or rather the bigger question was, what had she not done? How could she let Phalyne go with not one bit of knowledge of how to be a thewi? How could she have neglected her duty as elder thewi to teach the youngsters the way of the helpers of Mother Nature? How could she have lost her way along the path?

Being mortal had brought a heavy price tag. One even Zard could not have guessed. She had not only forgotten where she came from but she also now had emotions she had never had to deal with as an ethereal being. Guilt, sadness, emptiness and grief were now part of ex thewi Zard’s reality. It was too much to bear.

Zard locked herself in her rooms and left notice that no one was to disturb Zard, not nobody, not no how.

Here's the link to the beginning of the story: When Oz was Young


  1. Oh to get to the point where one is so ashamed of the way one has wasted one's life that shutting the world is the only way out; so sad...

    What makes it so sad is how real the story can be be? So many of us go through life enjoying its fruits without recognizing the way we've come to them. Poor Zard...

  2. Poor Zard indeed. Such a hard lesson to learn and she doesn't seem to have learned it well if she's shutting herself away from her charges. I can hardly wait for the next installment.

  3. I am so looking forward to the completion of this lovely story of Oz.
    Princess Ozma is equally pleased with your efforts on behalf of Her kingdom!

  4. OK, I know the names change, but this fiction is so real, is there a happy ending? Can the right path be found?... I'm waiting for more :) Still Waiting LOL...
    Great read Linda!!!

  5. Oh, my heart is breaking for Zard. I truly hope she makes positive use of her time in her rooms to reflect, to accept responsibility and acceptance, to get a new perspective and then to take the necessary actions.

    Your story is fiction but so very realistic. I cannot wait to read the final installment.

  6. (((((HUGS))))) Thank you so very much to you and your family for doing a healing circle for my daughter. :) Bless your hearts so much!! It made me cry....I can't thank you enough. I'm so happy the little baby is okay, but her ob/gyn told her that the bleeding was a warning sign to slow down, stop burning her candles at both ends and rest more. I will be sure and let her know what you all have done for us. :) You're something special...

  7. Waiting for the next chapter...soon...


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