Monday, April 4, 2011

More pictures from our adventures.........

Sometimes I feel a bit dual personalitied. That is to say, I post something on my Crone's Gazette and I still have pictures I want to share and vice versa. So because I have some of the same followers and yet many are not the same........curiouser and curiouser.. I thought I would regale you with a recent adventure.

Sweet Man and I love to drive and explore. Over 30 years of this activity in the same state and you'd think we would have run out of places to go but no.....we are true backroad wanderers too. So this last "days off" for SM we went to a nearby village called Corrales. This is one of those places that has been here in NM in one incarnation or another for 400 years give or take. When the Spanish conquered the Rio Grande Valley they claimed lands up and down the valley for the King of Spain. Albuquerque where I live was so named for the Duke of Alburquerque and the horses and cattle that were needed to feed and provide transportation for the troops were for awhile housed in corals.......corrales near the village that is so named. Now I'll do my curtsy and that will do for the history portion of my presentation. Thank you so much.
this is the one I wouldn't share my shirt with
check out this cuties red dreds....cute huh?
We have eaten at almost every eatery in Corrales over the years but until recently had not driven the north ditch bank roads. So that's where our adventure began. And right away I am rewarded with a viewing of my favorite farm animals......donkeys, burros, burritos (not smothered in green chile). These three were very friendly and one was particularly fond of a good scritch to the side of his face. Then he decided I should share my long sleeved t shirt with him and I told him he was cute but not that cute and we moved on down the road.
looking back northeast towards Albuqeurque and the beautiful Sandias
Saw some amazing cottonwood trees. Botany class time: the trees are so named because they produce the most disgusting fluffy, alergy inducing cotton mass in their attempts at reproduction. Some of the trees in the bosque region of Corrales are upwards of 150 - 200 years old. They are gorgeous and are a major bone of contention when it comes to developement in the area. Team the trees, Team we can spare a few. I won't go to politics land here in this post. This time of year they look so spooky and wonderful with just their bare bones showing.
their humps looked a little deflated to me
Saw some typical farm animal faces and beautiful yards and wild lands. Then we went to the south ditch area and drove where the BIG houses are.....You know the ones where they are gated and sprawling and magnificent????? And what to our wandering eyes should appear....Camels.....two humper ones. Camels in Corrales...Ya'll I just about peed my pants. Strangest thing I've seen in a long time. I mean I'm getting used to peacocks in folks front yards. 6 ft iguanas sunning themselves on porches, herds of pot bellied pigs, but for the life of me I had never come across Humpitty back camels living alongside of llamas (must be the spitting section and Arabian horses.

I was lost for words. So then we went to lunch.


  1. Well wow!! That sounded like an absolute awesome day! The countryside looks beautiful there. My friend and I are backroad wanderers also...boy have we had some adventures! but...Camels?? lmao

  2. I love that you go exploring as a local! Looks like you had a good time and some very interesting finds!

  3. I love to drive and wander around like that you never know what you might find. Have not done this for a while but me and DH used to drive like that, we called it exploring. Beautiful countryside, it would be great to visit New Mexico one of these days, I always just picture it as desert with nothing there but you have proven me way wrong.

  4. That is how I like to sight see. Back roads give you the true flavor of an area.
    Wonder if they ride those camels or just use them as lawn ornaments.

  5. I have always wanted to explore the southwest, I think I would give my left nipple to see NM! I have never been farther west than Pennsylvania ... how sad is that? Ya up for some company, Olde Bagg? ;-)

  6. Love the additional pictures. Those little donkeys are the sweetest! Now you really did surprise me with the camels. LOL.

  7. You forgot to mention that cottonwoods also drop the nasty sticky seed pods that surround that white fluff, plus they drop their branches at whim and in excess. Yup, had several of them at our old sticks and bricks and hated them.

    We passed a ranch with a camel among the animals yesterday--we about gave ourselves whiplash double-checking that we saw what we thought we saw. Who expects to see camels in Missouri?

    Burros--nothing cuter.


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