Friday, April 22, 2011

Oma Linda’s Pagan Profile

I know this is about two months late but I thought I would share it with you anyway. Aine at The Deepest Well posted this back in February, I just recently saw it on Danni's blog The Whimsical Cottage. You know me and rules....what, huh? So if you would like to answer these questions about your own spirituality, then please be my guest, I would love to know more about you. If you don't feel like posting can always email it to me. Have a wonderful, fun filled weekend and be well.

Name: The Olde Bagg, Oma Linda

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hobbies/Interests: I love anything to do with crafting (paper and fabric are my favorites), gardening, I love to read and am tinkering with my power tools again, building things.

Blog/Website name: Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts, also Ye Olde Crone’s Gazette and finally Practically Magickal, which is for my Etsy stuff and featured artists blog

What would you like this blog circle to know about you? I am a determined, strong minded, lover of other humans. I love animals, nature, the fae, my family and friends. I can cry at the drop of a hat and go to angryville within a matter of milliseconds. I am a survivor of sexual abuse, grandmother to two who also were abused. I question authority, don’t do something just because I am told, eat dessert first, have a hard time saying no and need to share my insanity often and frequently.

Your spiritual path: I am a solitary practicioner of magick. We have 3 generations of witchy folks in our home and share our love of the Goddess and the God and all that surrounds us.

How did you find your current path? The very first time I looked into my granddaughter’s eyes, I saw the truth. She was the teacher who had come from a before time where we had known each other and she was to help me finish my life the way in which it was intended. She has been my guide and inspiration to be the person she came to tell me I was, and the soul I needed to be. She came with her spiritual bags all packed and she was locked and loaded..............still is.

Previous spiritual path(s) (if any): I was raised a Methodist. I began working as a volunteer when my daughter was small. One thing worked it’s way into another and soon I was attending Southern Methodist University, where I was working on an associates degree in Youth Ministry. I had a job with the “church” and there was so much missing in my heart. My head told me there had to be more and so I began searching at that point for the “real answers” to life’s questions.

What drew you to and continues to keep you on this path? The truth I see and feel and touch and experience every day. I know I am doing what is true. I have no doubts whatsoever.

What, if anything, disappoints you about your path - what would you change if you could? I don’t have disappointments but rather concerns. My grands cannot just go to school and say that they are pagan. I have made my choice and I know it is the right one. We as a family practice our religion but we can’t just be free to observe, in public, what we do. It is sad but true.

If you’ve been pagan for several years, what changes have you seen in the Pagan community as a whole, and/or your own practice? No changes but rather a constant. People are people no matter what their religiousity may be. There are many jerks no matter where…..I just have to whistle a happy tune. And there are wonderful tolerant people everywhere and that makes me do a happy dance.

Do you have any spiritual practices that you created yourself - that are not the kind normally found in books or practiced in groups? Most all of what we do be it esbats, sabbats, or moon ritual is a borrowing from here and there. We do of course have our very own Faery Tea at Mid Summer and invite our neighbors and then we have a sword fight at Mid Winter for the Holly and the Oak King to duel it out, a Maypole with ribbons…..yep you see we borrow and plug in lots and I know the grands will have happy memories of how we celebrated life.

What subjects are you interested in reading about - in books, in blogs, etc.? I have as of late begun to read more about herbs and runes. Both of those things are calling my name right now.

What in your life do you consider “sacred?” Time. For me being a crone, I have a finite amount left to accomplish what I have been sent here to do. Time with family, time loving, time learning, time laughing and enjoying myself.

What about you or your life are you working towards changing - short term/long term? My situations from which I have no closure. I need just simply to move on. Thus far, easier said than done.

What energies do you want to rid yourself of - what energies do you want to bring in? Resentment, anger, hostility towards abusers, negative influences in my family’s life.     Cleansing, protective, positive energy.

What about the world would you like to see change - short term/long term? An awakening of each human’s responsibility to every other human. Kindness for the sake of kindness and not for some other reason. (Daydreamer I am.)

If at the end of your life, you were given a new name which in one word described your contribution to the the web of life (the connections you made, people you touched, etc., ) what would your name be? Loving (with a side order of crazy to go)


  1. I noticed something about reading many Pagan profiles: Many Grandmas are guilty of spreading witchy behavior lol. My grandma never called herself a Witch or told me "Magaly you must do this!" but she had to know that I wouldn't be able to do anything else after watching her.

  2. This. is. awesome. You are an inspiration, Ye Lovely Olde Bagg.

  3. So honored to call you friend! you are a very special person in my life and if I had the opportunity i would love to sit with you and your family and it would be at fae time!!!!
    ps still can't get my printer to work but as soon as I do i will send out your pattern and a little something else for the wait

  4. Linda, you are such a great and ispiring person,
    I want to meet you, I think I will!!!!
    Happy Easter my friend

  5. Thanks for joining Aine's Pagan Profile Circle; We all have so much in common, yet bring our experiences and personalities into the mix. I am so saddened to hear about the abuse in your family and I send you a large warm loving hug. Your blog is always a source of amusement, wonder and knowledge....I love ya, Linda!! Blessings from Robin.

  6. I loved reading this. Our spiritual paths have been similar. Mine with a little Native American thrown in as well. Then Mary showed up in a dream a little over a year ago and now I am with Her!!!! Yet I remain free to be me as I see fit. Mary said that was fine with Her!! So I'm good.

  7. Hi, I missed your posts. I have been at the beach this week. It was fun reading your post and learning a bit more about you.

  8. Miss Oma Linda, you are such an inspiration and a kindred spirit. I applaud your outright courage to survive which led to a life of thriving, to seek your truth and to tell it all today. The description of your beautiful first encounter with GK is a poetic force that stirs my soul. May every moment left of this life be filled with all the warmth and hope one woman can hold.


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