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Trouble in Oz........part 3 of When Oz was Young


After letting the heavy grief and loss of Phalyne, witchlet of the hill people and beloved of OZ, pass through her and onward toward the end of time, Zard came back to herself and to the duties that were hers as not only Thewi Zard but also guardian of the four witchlets of OZ.

She made certain that every single day, the remaining three; the green skin baby Elphaba, Glinda in all her sparkly pinkness and Umella with the flaming red hair and temper to match, got the training and information they needed to be successful Thewi’s should the occasion arise, as it had for the poor unlearned Phalyne.

The forever lost to Zard, darling Phalyne, was now a Thewi, filling a position created by the demise of a wind Thewi. Phalyne was now known as Thewi Ldwind and was having a hard time keeping up with her duties because of her lack of training. Poor dear was floundering. But thewi’s are a caring group of immortals and many them were helping by giving the Ozonian, daughter of Tchs Heart, most of the knowledge she so sorely lacked.

Much to Zard’s surprise and delight the two younger girls were the most attuned and attentive to the lessons. Once again Zard saw what she wanted to see. Both had grasped the whole world concept with little or no trouble. Both realized that everything they did, impacted everything else. All magick preformed by them had repercussions somewhere and the youngers were clear on being well trained at what they did. Both also had come to know their own magickal strengths.

They quickly learned to cast a bubble to travel in, as easy as a wand wave. This magick was even turned into sport by the two youngsters, or rather a competition. Bubble races became a favorite of the Ozonians and both the pink and green teams cheered for their witchlets. There were several occasions when the two girls didn’t exactly play nice. They were determined to win and the peoples of Oz loved the emotion of it all.

And then there was the teenaged Umella. Poor dear was so wrapped up in being an individual and had very little tolerance for anyone or anything that didn’t bring her personal pleasure. She was pensive, evasive and pouty. She spent hour upon hour looking at her reflection in the mirror and being her best audience to her sorrow and perceived pain. The only one she had any love for was sweet dimpled faced, albeit green faced, Elphaba. No one could resist the charms of this darling young one. Not even grouchy, moody Umella.

But there was more than teenage angst brewing deep within Umella. She was resentful towards Zard and how badly she missed her sister Phalyne. The two had been close in age just as Glinda and Elphaba were. Now Umella was left to hold her grudge and let it fester and unfortunately for the empathic Elphaba, the time spent with her older sister did not do her tendencies toward negative energies good either.

Glinda herself was alone a lot as the other two left her out of their time together. No one not even Zard thought anything could bother the sparkly Ms. G but that too was a mistake. She had learned to smile and sparkle on the outside but inside seeth and boil under it all. Her own resentments far outweighed the fiery Umella’s temper tantrum bent. Glinda kept it all in and was a lovely bit of cotton candy explosion waiting to happen.

Oz may have looked like a pretty little colorful reality to Zard all those years ago but something in the essence of the witchlets had changed and it was not for the good. The girls were pitted against each other and that lead to their followers, the bottomdwellers, the winkies and the munchkins having ill feelings towards each other. And each of the girls had campaigned to the Phalyne’s hillfolks allegiance. No more the happy little planet of color, Oz was on the brink of war and it all had to do with emotions that came from the girls and fed the inhabitants.

An emergency session of the council of Oz was called. Zard once again tried to calm the situation by bringing the girls, now young women, together under a banner of peace and asked them to attempt to get along. Zard set guidelines for them to follow so that the calm could once again prevail but Zard was weak now from her time on Oz, all her magick was gone and she was no match for these younger ones.

Three head strong witchlets, all capable of taking care of themselves refused her offer of getting along. None of them wanted the war that was about to happen but none of them was willing to back down.

It was at this time that Umella announced her decision and made the unbelievable choice to leave Oz to find her sister thewi Ldwind. Umella left in her red bubble immediately for who knows where. Ldwind could be anywhere in time and space. Umella was taking quite a journey into unknown territory. This action took everyone by surprise and quieted down the feelings of anger, war and particanship and left a feeling of loss once again over the entirety of Oz.

First Phalyne had been called to be a thewi, now Umella had left Oz to find her sister. The two remaining could not stand to even look at each other and yet they so needed the love of a sister right now. Both girls turned their backs on one another and set off for their territories to brood.

War may have been averted but at what cost? How could the 4 broken bits of Thewi Tchsheart ever be brought back together again? How could this be the happy place that had been Oz?

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Part 3 will be posted on April 27th
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  1. It's getting good. Hurry up the 27th and get here! :D

  2. Dear Linda, I have to say that the story and your craft are evolving together. I see the young witchy girls growing up and your ability to keep me at the edge of my seat is growing at the same speed. I'm enjoying how you are using colors, the environment and action to move your plot forward. I'm loving the conflict! I can't wait to read about Umella's adventures, how her sisters will deal with their differences, and most of all I WANT to enter a bubble race, but I have no bubble ;-(

  3. Oh Linda, I must know what will happen next! I feel tense with the anticipation. I believe I would be on the green bubble team.

  4. I know I'm on the green bubble team and I'm truly on the edge of my seat awaiting the next installment. I'm going to have to give myself a treat and watch my Wizard of Oz DVD in the meantime.


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