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Two Sisters of Oz .......part 4 of When Oz was Young


Umella travelled to many places in search of her sister the thewi Ldwind formerly known as Phalyne of OZ. But instead of becoming weary or worn, Umella found this adventure to be invigorating. She felt light, free, happy for the first time in many years. It reminded her of how her Mother made her feel when she would sit with her sisters and listen to both her Mother and their favorite thewi Zard talk about the day’s work and how much fun they had had doing what “The Boss”, Mother Nature had assigned them. Squeezing clouds for rain, sparkling stars and the warmth of the family all flooded her memories.

Umella pondered why she had not thought of these happy things in so many years. All the years on Oz and not once did her Mother’s face or warm hug memories come to mind. She began to formulate thoughts that perhaps there was something about Oz that was not healthy for the thewi offspring. That something was dark, sinister, and negative.

As she thought that particular thought something or someone rammed right into her red bubble and she began to tumble head over heels, unable to adjust her bubble, unable to control her flight. She didn’t really know what it had been but it was large and had redirected her into a fall towards………….

And then there she was, standing right outside the red bubble, Phalyne in all of her Thewi glory. Umella took awhile to adjust herself to the notion that yes in fact she was looking at her very own sister. Then the two jumped into each other’s arms and embraced for a very long time. This was the joy that Umella had remembered in her thoughts. Now it was a reality, here on a huge fluffy cloud above a bright blue planet with green blobs thrown willy nilly across the face of the globe.

Ldwind was beside herself, crying and laughing and stomping about causing considerable moisture to leak from the cloud as well as their eyes. She then just began to holler for any and all of the thewi in the vicinity to come and meet her beautiful fiery sister.

A party of sorts began right there on the cloud bank. All had questions about the reality, a new life, sympathy for a loss of their Mother. How was the wonderful thewi Zard, how were the darling babies, why was she out of her reality? Chattering and enjoying the positive energy of the thewi was just what Umella had needed. Her vision of herself, her world, her family and how things should be, came into clearer focus. This trip had been a boon. It would be wonderful to tell the others back in Oz of the wonderfulness of the reunion and the adventure.

It was at this time that Ldwind knew through telepathy that she had an assignment to create a big wind and asked if Umella would like to see her do her “stuff”. Umella could not wait to see her sister's work. Off the girls went, Ldwind on the wind and Umella in her bubble, both waving goodbye to the thewi that had gathered on a cloud bank to celebrate the reunion of the sisters.

Ldwind's assignment was to create a great wind. Truth be told, she was a little hesitant especially since she had such an important watcher along, but she thought her approach through and began to create the huge wind. As she was in the midst of creating the wind, that same large, ugly thing knocked both Umella and Ldwind tumbling downward with such force that neither could catch their breath or their balance. Downward the pull, then upward the tossing, the wind, the “thing” all made it impossible to control what was happening. And then the two caught a glimpse of "it" hiding in a storm cloud. They both recognized that face. It was the Neg, who was the slayer of their Mother. This former Thewi turned Neg, destroyer of their lives as Tschsheart's thewi children now faced them with revenge written on his face. Then as easily as he smiled at their fate, he lashed them, with power, hate and an aura of doom.

And then they both were on a collision course with the blue orb, no wait was that Oz instead below? Things were spinning so fast that it was hard to discern where they were heading. Before either could do anything to help each other or themselves from the frightening tumble, it was over.

Somehow, Ldwinds wind on the blue orb had converged with the Negs spell set upon the girls and what had started on earth had now converged with the happenings on Oz. But none of that held any meaning now for Phalyne and Umella, both were gone. Both had been vanquished by the Neg and were no more.

There is only one way to look at this, a house from the plains of Kansas lie on top of what used to be two sisters of Oz.

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The next chapter will be presented to you this Sunday to celebrate Witches in Fiction and then I will pull a commentors name for the prize on Monday May 2.

The end or maybe it is the beginning of this story will be shared with you next year in March at Celebrate OZ 2012.


  1. If I ever get a hold of that Neg, he'll get what's coming to him. How terrible and how real. It hurts so much when the ones who have been flattened under a house get to tell their story and we care for them. Poor sisters... I hope they become ghosts and haunt Neg for eternity.

  2. Wow! That just stinks!! Two sisters with one house. I just watched the Wizard of Oz again last night and I could have sworn that only one pair of feet were sticking out from under the house. Can't wait for the next chapter.

  3. Such a unique and wondrous story. I'm looking forward to how this all concludes!!!

  4. Amazingly told OB! :) I, too, can't wait for the next installment.

  5. Oh how sad! That Neg needs his a.. butt kicked or a very severe evil eye sent his way. Both sisters at once. Perhaps all will not be as it seems and they can return? As you can see, I must know what happens next! Well written and such a creative story.

  6. Thank you for stoppping by and for your good wishes. Very much apprectiated.

  7. Linda, the winds have already arrived. It started last night and it is really blowing. I am watching the trees we just planted bending just a little bit more to the right than I'm comfortable with. (The stakes are bending right along with the trees). However, I can live with this wind ~ I don't want anything more coming out of the sky.
    Thanks for your concern and for stopping by.
    ♥ audrey


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