Saturday, April 23, 2011

Update on Casa de Cuckoo

Sweet Man had his days off this month on Thurs and Fri, so today feels like Monday to me. In May his days off will be Sat and Sun so maybe I can keep days of the week straight then. Of course, ever being the pessimist, that means I won't know what days are what again until August. Whatever.......

During his days off, we actually talk about real things like what we are doing and where we are going and boring stuff, but at least we get to talk, sans anyone younger than 40. It is delightful. No interruptions and I can hear what he is saying.

See, I have told you before, there is a reason young people have and raise children and grandparents they can have conversations. tee hee I wouldn't have my living situation change much except maybe winning the lottery and buying a piece of property big enough to  build two house, close enough together to walk to visit and far enough apart that I wouldn't have to hear every "he's taken my....and sissy is looking at me.....and if you two don't get to bed by the time I count to three....." Ya know?

Of course I'm not the only one who feels like that. I'm sure Shelley and the kids think....what is with the old people and getting quiet by 9pm? And so that brings us back to work schedule....if SM didn't have to be to work by 6am on Sat and Sun then their lives wouldn't be nearly as impacted by tippy toeing and quiet in the morning when Papa is off work. But we deal right? Even if sometimes it's from the bottom of the deck.

I have gotten exactly half way through my severe destash and the picture taking will begin today. I have 11 boxes of jewelry, scrapbook, sewing, general crafting items to list and 14 boxes of vintage items mostly household, linens, "pretties" as my Mom used to call them. I called them a pain to dust, as a kid. Most of the destash and the linens will go on Etsy. The rest I will put on Ebay. I'll let you know the Etsy start date...hey, there might be "junque" you wanna play with. And I am not trying to make huge sums of money from these but rather get them to someone else who will love having and using them. Oh yeah, also craft books.

Schools next year: GereaKaye is going to a charter school. It is still a public school but has a lottery system to get into the school. The school she is attending has smaller class size. Since she is going to be in middle school I am thrilled she will be in a smaller school than the elementary school she went to this year.

RyLeigh is being championed by the head of special education for this section of the school district. She is personally taking care of finding an Autism program for Ry where he can be afforded the environment where he will be allowed to flourish. We are so happy that finally someone has listened to his needs. He has had two very ugly years being shuffled around and while he has Asperger's, he is sweet and vocal and uninformed adults (teachers) just don't get that he learns differently and at a different rate than the "normal" students. His teacher (come to find out at half past April that she isn't a licensed teacher, she is an intern with no supervising teacher) writes at least three times a week that Ry hasn't completed his work, can't stay on task, doesn't do well with change in the schedule, won't listen to instruction, is disruptive. Okay, hmmmmmmmm....has she read the clinical diagnosis for a child with Aspergers syndrome or PDD NOS? Uhhhhhhhhh, the answer would be, no. She even wrote in his agenda a personal observation on our religious choices and then sent the agenda home with another student.....uhhhhhh, who's not paying attention?

Anyway all this information was taken by the head of special ed, she got mad, (yeah) and did a surprise visit to Ry's classroom. I would have given anything to be a fly on the wall.

Shelley is much relieved to have this lady as an advocate. I don't think it has hit her yet that all that has happened to Ry, one: happens to others all the time, two: this lady is playing a huge CYA for the school system (potential suit putting an unlicensed, unqualified teacher with special needs children), three: that Shelley herself has grown some ovaries and stood up for her kids, herself and is doing it all without a net.

I am proud of my whole family. All are growing, finding themselves and being successful. I am truly thankful for the small miracles of life.


  1. Oh honey, how all that about little Ry brought back memories. Unfortunately, Ian was one of those kids that fell between the cracks or crack-heads! I'm in the process (and I use that phrase loosely) of finding some kind of placement, perhaps in a rural environment. Seems no one is home or rather, their offices around this stupid town or state. I've called, written emails with no responses. The closest I've gotten to hearing their voices is over their voice mail messages...sheesh. The only person I have on my side is one of his old teachers from high school that is helping me out and she lives in Las Cruces, NM...seems TX doesn't give a crap!!

    Sorry for unloading, but just keep fighting for that little guy and glad that Shelley is on the bandwagon.

    Loves ya,

  2. sounds like good things are happening. but really, commenting on your family's religious choices? my twin g'girls have learning problems as well. they are so smart and make excellent grades but they must put in more work than 'regular' students. they have problems with short term memory which means that they have to read something 10 or 12 times instead of one or two before it will stick in their heads. so frustrating wondering why they had trouble learning to read and comprehending what they read before they were diagnosed.

  3. Glad you enjoyed SM's days off, even if the tip-toers weren't fans ;o)

    Yay for the de-stashing, I'm doing a HUGE de-clutter right now - got 5 big Ikea bags full of clothes to take to the charity clothing bank, emptied the loft, and I'm ready to put all my postage and packing stuff up there, plus a few things I need to stash away ready for my gran's neighbour to come out and enlarge the loft opening so I can get serious stuff up there.

    Yay for GK's new school, small class sizes are a god-send.

    And yay for Ry's new champion, long may she get great results for him.

  4. Okay....I knew most of the school stuff from talking to you, but had to stop reading at "she wrote about our religious choices" WHICH, IN AND OF ITSELF IS A VIOLATION AND SHE IS AN IDIOT, but then to accidently send it home with another child IS THE STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD.

    I know we have had this conversation before [and find your phone woman] but still - to see it written out just peezes me off.

    Hugs to all. I am off to stew.

  5. It is so wonderful that Ry is being championed by someone in the system and not just parents and grands. Clout helps.
    Yes, you can be proud and yes, do enjoy your adult conversation times.

  6. The school situation sounds as if it will be an improvement. I'm pulling for Ry you know.

  7. Oh Linda, what a wonderful opportunity for both GK and Ry. I am so happy to hear that in their own ways, each will be given the attention they deserve. Her not getting lost in the crowded classroom, him to be treated and taught in the way that will help him flourish into adulthood. Your family is doing so well and please take at least a sparing moment to pat the Olde Bagg on the back for being such a strong and nurturing matriarch.

    Also, I wanted to clarify something in my post. (blushing) The correct word is not dragon's eye but dragonfly and it is a viewer that stands about 2.5 inches and gives a sort of kaleidoscope image. I have called it a dragon's eye my entire life because as a little girl I just knew that was what it was I was looking through. I guess I got so caught up in my own nostalgia this morning that I regressed back to my childhood experiences, words and all! I called Izzy and we fell out laughing about old habits and such. So sorry about that and I have corrected the post. Have a wonderful week!

  8. So glad to read that Ry and GK will have a better classroom situation next year. Yay indeed for someone finally stepping up to bat for Ry.


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